A lip lift reduces the distance between your upper lip and nose to enhance the beauty of your lips. As you age, the shape and position of the lips changes and you may notice a lengthening of the upper lip area.

A lip lift removes a small sliver of excess skin under the nose to create a more lifted upper lip and fuller pout. Here is a guideline to this innovative and minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Our lip lift recovery timeline

The first 24 hours: you’ll be able to return home immediately after a lip lift procedure as it is performed under a local anaesthetic. There should be minimal to no pain experienced and there should just be a small amount of swelling of the nostrils and upper lip.

The first few days: the cheek and lip area will be mildly to moderately swollen. Over the counter painkillers will help ease any pain felt.

The first week: eating soft foods in the first week after a lip lift is advised. Most patients return to work in the first week and there shouldn’t be any effect on how you speak. Any swelling should dissipate in the first few weeks.

Full recovery: the incision is made around the nostrils and the scar should not be noticeable when fully healed. You should be able to see the final result at six months.

Lip lift recovery FAQs

A lip lift only has a short downtime and you should be able to resume all normal activities after the first week, although we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise in the following weeks.

One of the most important things you can do to assist in the recovery process after a lip lift is to quit smoking. Nicotine slows down healing by restricted oxygenated blood flow and can result in a worse scar, but you should also avoid making the continual facial movements associated with smoking.

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At Karidis Clinic, all lip lift procedures are carried out by one of the best known facial rejuvenation surgeons in London, Mr Alex Karidis.

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