Proudly supporting Mr Karidis’ surgical patients through their entire journey

After training at City University and working in acute care, Romy offers a true passion for care and recovery.

“I feel very lucky that I get to be a part of the entire patient journey. In many nursing roles, you only get to be included in one aspect of the patient’s experience; before, during or after. My role at Karidis allows me to do all three and that is a privilege.”

Handholding you right from decision to discharge, Romy offers an experienced and thoroughly heartfelt bedside manner, understanding the importance of health and wellbeing during downtime post surgery.

Romy Surgical Nurse at Karidis Clinic

Two members of my family had already had cosmetic procedures with Mr Karidis before I even qualified as a nurse. When I started working at the hospital on the wards I was taking care of his patients post operatively. I knew how grateful my family were for the work he had done for them and I could see the same feeling in the patients I was caring for on the wards. It just felt like a very natural progression to then come and work directly for the clinic.
I think I’ve always been drawn to the glamorous, whilst still wanting to do something that really contributes. I feel aesthetics and cosmetics really combines the two.
It’s very difficult to choose one achievement in my career, as nursing makes you feel like every shift is an achievement! To work somewhere as prestigious as the Karidis Clinic is definitely a highlight; no matter where my career takes me, to have worked here will always be an impressive achievement.
I think that cosmetic surgery helps an enormous amount of people to feel happier and more confident. It doesn’t need to be the most invasive procedure, even the slightest change can make someone feel like they now look and feel the way they always wanted.
I’m currently using the Body Ballancer whenever I have some free time. It is incredibly relaxing and is really helping with my back and hip pains.
I think the best thing I have learnt with beauty and anti-ageing is patience and perseverance. Whether it’s a course of treatment and products, or recovery from a procedure, you need to give your body and skin time to adapt and heal.
I think my top three dinner guests would be; my sister (who is my best friend), my partner Toby (who I love) and Harry Styles (no explanation needed).


Romy is dedicated to delivering excellent patient care throughout your journey with Karidis Clinic and our patients always comment on how nurtured and supported they felt. Here’s a testimonial from one of our recent facelift patients about the care he received from Romy through his recovery.


Romy works closely with Mr Alex Karidis and specialises in the following cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, breasts and body: