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Achieve facial harmony through nostril reduction surgery, a procedure designed to refine and balance your facial features. This cosmetic surgery focuses on reshaping and resizing the nostrils to create a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether addressing concerns related to asymmetry or disproportionate nostril size, this surgery offers a tailored solution. 

What is nostril reduction surgery (alarplasty)?

Nostril reduction surgery, also known as alarplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape and resize the nostrils. This type of surgery focuses on enhancing facial harmony by addressing concerns related to asymmetry, flaring or disproportionate nostril size. 

Research has shown that the width of the nose should align with the space between the eyes, making up around 1/5 of the face’s width. However, when the nose’s width is larger than this, individuals may feel as if their face does not look balanced and surgery might be sought after to enhance one’s aesthetic beauty.

During the procedure, a qualified surgeon will carefully adjust the size and shape of the nostrils, often targeting the alar base the outermost part of the nostrils. This can involve removing excess tissue, reshaping the nostrils, or altering the curvature to achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Nostril reduction surgery is a highly requested surgery for individuals desiring subtle yet effective changes to their nasal proportions, contributing to a more symmetrical and harmonised facial profile.

This type of procedure can be performed on its own or in conjunction with a full rhinoplasty to address various nasal issues.

Why might alarplasty be required?

Wide nostrils that are out of proportion to the rest of the nose can typically lead to unbalanced facial features. In fact, areas like the cheek, mouth or nose can lose their prominence on the face, which can alter one’s beauty. In addition, when the nose is viewed from below, the ideal shape of the nostrils should follow a subtle outward curve between the tip and the alar crease, which is where the alae sit on the cheeks. If this curve is much larger than average, one’s facial proportions will be off-balance. 

If you feel that you have wide nostrils and it is having a negative impact on your confidence, you may be the ideal candidate for this type of procedure. 

What are the benefits of nostril reduction surgery?

The nose is the central feature of the face and plays a large role in the overall balance of the face. If you feel as if you might be suitable for this surgery, you can enjoy many benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced facial harmony by aligning the proportions of the nose with other facial features
  • Improved asymmetry by reducing or adjusting the size of uneven nostrils 
  • Increased self-confidence in appearance 
  • Corrects breathing through the nose if there is any airflow obstruction 
  • Allows individuals to achieve subtle yet impactful changes tailored to their unique aesthetic goals       

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Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe at the Karidis Clinic

With over 25 years’ cosmetic surgery experience, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe has worked with our medical director Mr Karidis for many years and is the only other cosmetic surgeon Mr Karidis would trust his patients to.

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Tip rhinoplasty surgery requires a surgeon fee, an anaesthetist fee and a hospital fee. The price also includes all of your pre-operative and post-operative care. The cost may vary slightly depending on your unique requirements, but we will give you a detailed quotation following your consultation.

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