More and more men are having male brow lift surgery as they yearn to appear as young as they feel. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a popular form of facial surgery at our London clinic that lifts the skin above the eyebrows (the brows) up to a more youthful position. As the skin is lifted it smooths out horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, whilst simultaneously creating space around the eyes by reducing the gravitational pull that leads to skin overhang ‘hooding’ on the eyelids.

This revitalises the forehead and upper face, giving you a natural, more awake look. Mr Karidis ensures that the result is subtle, without an unnatural surprised look.

Brow lift surgery can be performed as an isolated procedure or alongside other facial rejuvenation work such as an upper or lower blepharoplasty for optimum results.

Karidis offer expert cosmetic surgery and aftercare in London, from some of the best, most highly skilled medical professionals. Our brow lift before and after images highlight our exceptional results.

Quick Reference

Surgery Time

60 minutes

Anaesthesia Used


Anaesthesia Used

Day case

Pre Admission Test

Blood test, MRSA, +/- ECG

Up and About

Same day


2-3 days


1 week


3 weeks

Time off Work

1 week

FAQs for Male Brow Lift

Men tend to have heavier brows than women, and as with many areas of the body, gravity becomes a problem as we age. It is very common for male eyebrows to droop as the muscles that hold them up become strained over time. Wrinkles on your forehead are one of the first signs of ageing.

Eyebrows can also sag as a result of certain medical conditions. Sometimes drooping eyebrows can obstruct your vision.

Our eyebrows are one of our most prominent features, accentuating our eyes, helping to shape our face and playing an important role in communication. When lifted, eyebrows have the power to completely change your look, making small eyes appear bigger.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and lines can appear on our forehead, while our eyebrows and eyelids can begin to loosen, drop and droop. As well as ageing you, this can lead to miscommunication – you might appear angry, sad or tired when you aren’t.

Compared to women, the ideal brow for men is lower, flatter and usually desired at the level of the brow bone. The subtleties of the desired look will be talked through with you during your consultation.

Whatever the reason, whether ageing or a medical condition, drooping eyebrows and a wrinkled forehead can lead to feelings of despondency, self-consciousness and embarrassment. If this is the case for you, brow lift surgery can change your life for the better.

The benefits of a forehead lift include:

  • A positive self-image
  • A confidence boost
  • A youthful appearance
  • A symmetrical look to the eyebrows and forehead
  • The accentuation of your eyes

Mr Karidis will consider your suitability for a brow lift during an initial consultation.

During the consultation, Mr Karidis will begin by sitting you in front of a mirror and gently elevating your forehead to the position he feels will be both achievable and will suit you best. He will be taking into account the whole of your face, making sure to balance all your facial features. He will also make sure that the desired look is in keeping with a man’s naturally heavier brow.

Brow surgery is usually performed on males between the ages of 40 and 60 years old who suffer from droopy brows due to ageing. It can also help men who have developed furrow lines across the brow due to stress, illness or repeated muscle actions such as the habit of frowning when concentrating.

Often heavy brows and furrowed lines are simply inherited and a brow lift can be performed to achieve a younger, energised look.

Brow surgery can be more difficult on men who have a receding hairline or those with thin hair. It can also be more challenging with those who have sun-damaged skin or obvious facial asymmetry.

Rest assured, if you are bald or have a receding hairline, you can still benefit from brow surgery, Mr Karidis can modify the techniques used and any limitations will be discussed in your consultation.

There is no set price for our male brow lift surgery as every single patient is different and treated case-by-case. After your consultation, you will be given the price for your treatment with no hidden costs.

For more information on what our surgical fees cover, please click here.

During your consultation, you will be able to view before and after photos shared by our brow lift patients, demonstrating the natural look that Mr Karidis achieves.