Our Non-Surgical Lead Suzi is highly experienced in Botox and dermal fillers, closely advocating the Karidis method of injecting with integrity and subtlety, as she has shadowed Mr Karidis since starting at Karidis Clinic in January 2015. Suzi also specialises in our anti-ageing facial and body treatments within our non-surgical clinic.

Suzi’s degree in nursing and experience as a recovery nurse at The Hospital of St John & Elizabeth ensures she provides compassionate, thorough aftercare support to each patient. Working as Mr Karidis’ surgical nurse for many years means that Suzi also has extensive knowledge about both surgical and non-surgical procedures and prospective patients find her highly informative about which treatment can deliver the results they are hoping to achieve.

Suzi Non Surgical Lead at Karidis Clinic

Suzi on miraDry

miraDry is a proven and permanent treatment for excessive sweating in the underarms and is one of our most popular treatments at Karidis Clinic. miraDry should only be performed by a properly qualified medical practitioner, such as Suzi, as the first stage is to numb the area with lidocaine injections, a type of local anaesthetic. Here’s Suzi performing a miraDry treatment on one of our patients:


LATEST REVIEWS FROM Trustpilot-Rated-Excellent

“Having completed a course of non surgical treatments including Botox, fillers, Coolsculpting and V Beam I wanted to say a big thank you to Suzi and all the Karidis team. What an amazing experience it was! From the initial enquiry right the way through to the aftercare I was impressed not only with the professionalism but also the results!! Without people knowing I’ve had any treatments I’ve been complimented many times on how well I look, which is testament to Suzi’s skill.”

“I have been considering various anti-ageing treatments for a while now and finally made the decision to have a consultation with the lovely Suzi at Karidis Clinic at the end of last year. Suzi recommended an Ultherapy Brow Lift that would give a natural lift. I liked that it would produce gradual results over time rather than anything immediately obvious. She explained that she would particularly focus on the one side that I was concerned with. So happy with the results and the whole experience at Karidis Clinic that last month I decided to take the plunge and have dermal fillers for nose to mouth lines. Suzi was brilliant again and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”