What is breast asymmetry correction?

Do you have noticeably different breasts which are negatively impacting your self-esteem? Breast asymmetry is when you have uneven breasts that look very different. Perhaps one of your breasts is bigger than the other, or perhaps your nipples are not symmetrical. Clothing can be problematic; finding clothes which fit and you feel confident wearing can be tricky, especially underwear and swimwear.

In most cases, breast asymmetry is completely normal. But it’s worth checking in with your GP, because sometimes there may be an underlying medical cause.

If you find yourself deeply affected by your breast asymmetry, the results of surgery can be life-changing!

What are the different options for breast asymmetry correction?

There are a few options for breast asymmetry correction: breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery and/or a breast lift.

If you have two breasts of different sizes, breast augmentation surgery can increase the size of your smaller breast to match the other. If you’d like an increase in size to both breasts, that can be done too, using different sizes of implants.

Or if you want to go smaller, breast reduction can reduce the size of your bigger breast by removing the excess tissue so that it matches the other breast in size.

If one of your breasts is sagging and drooping more than the other, then a breast lift might be the best option for you. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast reduction as reducing the breast volume can sometimes cause sagging.

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Breast asymmetry correction surgery FAQS

Your breast asymmetry surgery will take about two to four hours. Sometimes your surgery might take longer, depending on the case and the type of breast surgery you’ve chosen. You’ll need to have a general anaesthetic and a hospital stay of two to three days.

Your results will be long-lasting. But if you’ve had a breast augmentation as part of your breast asymmetry surgery, your implants will last for ten to fifteen years before they need replacing. There’s also gravity and ageing to contend with, as well as the effects of losing weight or putting on weight. So you may need surgery again in the future.

It depends on the type of surgery and how quickly your body heals, but you should be able to continue your regular activities within two weeks and physical activities after six weeks. Until the six-week mark, you’ll need to wear a special surgical bra which provides added support and reduces swelling. Your swelling will usually go down after two weeks.

During the consultation, your surgeon will assess your case and let you know if you’re suitable for breast asymmetry surgery. Your surgeon will be taking into account your medical history and your current health.

Reasons for getting breast asymmetry surgery which might make you suitable include:

  • If you have one breast which is noticeably much larger than the other
  • If you were born with a breast deformity
  • If you have uneven nipples
  • If you’ve had breast surgery before which has left you with uneven breasts