Ann Blundell’s Transformation for Channel 4’s How Not To Get Old

Some before and after photos showing Ann’s transformation after undergoing her treatments performed by Mr Karidis for Channel 4’s ‘How Not To Get Old’. Ann underwent the following surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments. Surgical Procedures BROW LIFT FACELIFT Non Surgical Treatments DERMAL FILLERS V BEAM LASER WRINKLE SMOOTHING

‘My Double Surgery Knocked Years Off’ patient Samantha Croft reveals breast surgery & upper eye surgery by Mr Alex Karidis

Samantha shows off her new breasts in beautiful figure hugging dress and explains that …”for the first time in years she feels happy and confident”. Read more about the procedures Samantha had: Breast Surgery and Eye Surgery.

‘I feel like a new woman!’ Imogen Thomas reveals breast surgery by Mr Alex Karidis

New Magazine, Tuesday 29th August, Imogen Thomas reveals her breast reduction performed by “surgeon to the stars Mr Alex Karidis” Imogen Thomas shows off her boob lift and explains why it’s given her a new lease of life. “I think it was the best decision for me and I think any woman who hasn’t been […]

The Times: The boom in male cosmetic surgery

Alex Karidis talks to the Times about the boom in male cosmetic surgery Read the article on The Times website.

The Times: Real men do have cosmetic surgery

Alex Karidis featured in The Times talking about male cosmetic surgery Read the article on The Times website.

Netdoctor, 11 best things you should be doing for your skin this year

“As non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as injectables, peels and lasers become more popular and acceptable, combining more than one facial rejuvenation treatment will help deal with multiple ageing or skin concerns.” “At the Karidis Clinic we have grown to realise how much more can be achieved with multiple devices or techniques. The Combination Treatment from Cosmedix, […]

Sunday Mirror, Can you Inject Your Way to Eternal Youth

Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine: The A-list’s face-saving secret

Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine exclusive interview with Mr Alex Karidis on why the surgeon to the stars is so in demand… Read the full article here.

Sunday Telegraph / Stella magazine, Too Much Too Young?

Too Much Too Young? Mr Karidis discusses the pros and cons of surgery in your younger years and where the trend has stemmed from. Read more here.

Sunday Times Style Karidis Facelift Behind the Bandages

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