Is it possible to reverse sun damage? Our skin experts reveal all

Rising temperatures and longer, sunnier days coupled with a relaxing of lockdown rules means that we are all starting to spend more hours outside. We may now be aware of how important wearing a high factor sunscreen is to protect our skin, but many of us are suffering from sun damage accumulated from many years […]

From couch to cafe: Brits planning beauty blowout post lockdown

As lockdown lifts, the latest consumer research has found that Brits are planning a huge spending spree. eBay UK has found that ‘going out’ clothes are now topping search terms instead of lounge and leisure wear which dominated through quarantine. Another recently published consumer report found that we were likely to focus our initial spending […]

Everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery recovery

Following on from our last blog post that focused on the rhinoplasty recovery process, here’s a rundown of the downtime you can expect after some of the other cosmetic surgery operations we offer. All procedures and patients are different but, from the immediate downtime to the full recovery period that can last weeks or even […]

Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty recovery

The rhinoplasty is an ever-popular cosmetic surgery procedure which aims to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose and achieve harmony with the other facial features, while preserving or improving nasal function. Whether your nose job is functional, i.e., to address breathing issues, or cosmetic or a combination of both, you will be […]

“CoolSculpting has worked for me and it’s given me more confidence in my body”

At Karidis Clinic, we know how amazing CoolSculpting is, but we were delighted when Lisa Snowdon was recently announced as the UK ambassador as it meant the news would fast spread of its fabulous fat-freezing results. Model and TV star Lisa first discovered CoolSculpting when a friend introduced her to the fat reduction treatment. Like […]

Time for a Spring skin clean

Winter can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry and rough in texture after being battered by the cold winds outside and dehydrated by fierce central heating. This often only becomes noticeable as we transition into warmer weather and, this year, our skin is also coping with months of COVID-related stress or experiencing ‘maskne’ […]

Your face or your figure? New study proves fat loss accelerates the ageing process

As many of us might be struggling with new year weight loss resolutions about this time, it’s interesting to note that losing the pounds might make our clothes fit better but will not do us any favours in terms of facial ageing. A new US study has proven that the phenomenon known as ‘Diet Face’ […]

Male cosmetic surgery more popular than ever in a pandemic

The shift to WFH and the vogue of video calls has led to an acceleration of what was already an emerging trend – over the last twelve months, we’ve seen an increase in men turning to aesthetics to enhance their appearance and boost confidence through this challenging time Cosmetic surgery as self-care Until now, the […]

“miraDry gives me the confidence to work closely with my clients”

Personal trainer Nicholas Polo explains how miraDry has changed his life: I’m a personal trainer in London and part of what I do is women’s combat self-defence which involves a lot of physical contact and activity. Mainly because of that and because I sweated more than the average person, I was always self-conscious when I […]

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Man boobs, known medically as gynaecomastia, is thought to affect 30% of men post-puberty, although is much more common in men over the age of 50 – the reported prevalence is up to 70% due to the general decline in testosterone levels.  For all those using this lockdown to really commit to their health and […]