Breast Uplift with Breast Implants: What you need to know

Breast implant with lift combination

Breast augmentation surgery with implants remains consistently the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. It is very in demand with younger women who are dissatisfied with their breast shape and size, but equally popular with older women that have seen changes to their breasts whether due to weight changes, pregnancy, or the effects of the ageing process.

Often breasts can become deflated or lose their youthful pertness and a breast augmentation can be a highly effective solution. However, for many of these women, a breast implant with lift combination is necessary to deliver the results they are hoping for.

During your consultation with our plastic surgeons Mr Alex Karidis and Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, they will assess your frame and breast appearance and listen carefully to your concerns and expectations from surgery. They will then be able to advise you which cosmetic breast surgery procedure is most appropriate.

Can you do a breast lift and augmentation at the same time?

During a breast lift procedure, which is known medically as a mastopexy, Mr Alex Karidis or Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe will raise and reshape your breast tissue, removing any excess skin. The nipples can also be reshaped and repositioned to a more youthful position on the breast mound.

An auto-augmentation breast lift is suitable for women that have ample breast tissue to restore volume when it is lifted and reshaped. However, if there isn’t enough existing breast tissue then a further, subtle augmentation may be necessary using implants. Another alternative is fat transfer to the breasts as performed by Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe. Fat from elsewhere on the body – typically the tummy or thighs – is used to add volume to the upper pole of the breast.

During the breast augmentation procedure, they will make incisions either in the inframammary fold or the nipple and place implants in the breasts, either above or below the muscle, to achieve a fuller and more symmetrical result. The incision and placement are determined by the size and shape of the implants being used and the amount of existing breast tissue you have.

There are several advantages to combining breast uplift and implant surgery at the same time and there is no more risk than performing either procedure separately.

Who is an ideal candidate for a breast implant with a lift?

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, it is important you are physically health, have maintained a stable weight and you have realistic expectations of surgery. A breast implants with lift procedure is suitable for patients that have experienced the following:

  • Your breast tissue and skin has sagged lower on the chest wall
  • You have lost volume in the upper pole
  • Your breasts may have lost their youthful shape and become elongated or flatter
  • Your nipples have fallen below the fold of the breast and point downwards
  • Your areolas have stretched and enlarged
  • Your breasts have become asymmetrical with one being lower or a noticeably different size

How long does it take to recover from breast implant and lift?

Downtime after breast implant with lift surgery does not take any longer than the recovery process after either a breast augmentation or a breast uplift. After an overnight stay, you will return home with comprehensive aftercare instructions and you should plan to take it easy for the first few days after surgery. Any discomfort is usually well managed with painkillers.

Most patients find they can return to light activities within a week and they are encouraged to start moving as soon as possible as it helps to boost circulation and speed up healing. Most are able to return to work after a week to two weeks although avoid any strenuous physical activity or weight bearing exercise for six weeks after surgery.

What types of breast implants are available?

At Karidis Clinic, we only use gold standard breast implants with an excellent safety record. There are variations in terms of size, shape and projection and our surgeons can guide you in choosing the breast implant that will deliver the results you are expecting.

I have gone through menopause. Can I have this procedure?

The menopause can have a significant impact on your body and many women in their 50s and beyond seek cosmetic breast surgery as a result. If you are fit and well and have realistic expectations from surgery, then you are an ideal candidate for a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast lift with implants.

If you have more questions about any of the breast surgery procedures we offer, including breast augmentation, breast uplift, breast reduction, nipple reduction and areola reduction. Call 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation.