Aesthetic surgery has entered the modern world and established its place. I don’t feel that anyone can truly dispute the fact that successful cosmetic surgery, when performed on an individual with good indications for improvement, can have very definite benefits on one’s psychological well being. However, along with these well established benefits comes a heavy responsibility and burden which is placed upon the plastic surgeon.

It is our duty to be able to offer surgery which is effective, safe and ultimately gives a natural result. Emphasis must be placed on natural. This is etched in my philosophy from my initial consultation, through to my postoperative care. Though I am sure that no plastic surgeon would ever disagree with this statement, I feel I adhere to it stronger than most.

I absolutely abhor any possibility that a patient of mine could look stretched, pulled or distorted in any way. Most people of course have seen examples of bad cosmetic surgery which stands out from a far as being unnatural. As far as I am concerned these examples sometimes give plastic surgery an undeserved bad reputation.

The aim of surgery is to make people look better not different. I believe in classic, natural, soft beauty.

The Consultation

Of course one of the most important and crucial steps in the process of achieving good cosmetic surgery is the initial consultation. This gives me a unique ability to gain an understanding of what a patient wants, to assess their anatomy, to imagine what would look best for a patient given their goals, and finally to discuss this all with them in an understandable way. My aim is for patients to leave their consultation with a dramatically enhanced understanding of their situation. Conversely, I have also gained a reputation for being blunt enough to turn down patients when I feel surgery will not benefit them, or will make such minimal difference postoperatively as to render a risk to benefit ratio as unacceptably high!

People need to understand that anyone who undergoes surgery, effectively puts themselves literally in the hands of that surgeons own aesthetic sensibilities. I try to be as up front about my own, and think it is important for patients selecting an aesthetic surgeon to be sensitive to these details. Seeing multiple examples of my previous work will help you understand some of my aesthetic directives. Certainly, my visions will not be shared by all prospective patients; what you must do is be alert to the signs of a surgeon who shares yours.

Safety and Patient Care

A word about safety. Many new techniques, implants, instruments, and equipment come and go, and so I do not rush to adopt them unless a clear advantage is shown. Most times meticulously executed proven techniques serve patients better in most situations than the recently advertised techniques in the press. This is not to say of course that I do not perform the latest techniques, because I certainly do. What it means is that I have a tendency to be more circumspect, rather than aggressive about offering new techniques, which many times do not stand the test of time.

I also think it is important to stay in close contact with a patient after surgery. I make sure to see all my patients frequently postoperatively. Careful follow-up is very important in achieving the best possible result.

Seeing the Person Behind the Patient – Patient Support

The GMC stipulates that Doctors must consider patients’ psychological needs when offering surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Here at Karidis we always consider our patients’ psychological needs and we offer, in association with Norman Wright of The Wright Initiative, his Safety in Beauty, Diamond Award Winning Pre and Post Procedure Support Initiative. As well as this bespoke support initiative, all of my team have received Norman’s PaPPS Training giving you the peace of mind that my team and I really do See the Person Behind the Patient.

Norman and his team of MSc Psychotherapists have over sixteen years’ experience within the Aesthetic/Cosmetic industry and have been supporting Patients, Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Practitioners and Clinics for almost half a decade.

Read More about PaPPS Initiative here

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And Finally…

Last but not least there is also the element of guilt about having any surgery. Many people have friends and relatives telling them that they don’t need surgery and questioning them as to why they want to subject themselves to any risk. I understand this. This is why prospective patients should, above all else, feel comfortable with their choice of surgeon and practice. Although the operation is one aspect of the whole experience, your hospital stay, follow-up visits and checks need to be conducted in a reassuring, and comfortable manner in order to make your entire experience a positive one!