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Your nose is a large part of your visual identity, so if you feel it’s disproportionate to the rest of your face, it can cause some deep-seated insecurities. This can affect your mental health, your relationships, your career, what you wear and how you interact with people. It really can affect every aspect of your life.

Rhinoplasty offers you a life-changing solution: balancing the appearance of your whole face. If you take a look at our rhinoplasty before and after photos you can see how transformative yet natural your results will look in the hands of our highly skilled surgeons.

So what exactly is ‘rhinoplasty?’ Rhinoplasty, ‘nose reshaping,’ is a surgical procedure that can define, reshape and restructure your nose. It’s one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgeries, often known as a ‘nose job’. It can also correct breathing impairments and repair the effects of trauma, such as a broken nose.


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Rhinoplasty brings many benefits, some of which you may not have considered. These include:

  • Boosted self-confidence — this can benefit every area of your life
  • Nasal symmetry (nasal asymmetry can be caused by a previous poor nose job, birth defect or injury)
  • Change in nostril size
  • Improved nose size
  • Better sleep and more comfortable physical activity as a result of improved breathing (difficulty breathing through your nose is often due to a deviated septum). Conditions like sleep apnea and snoring can also be helped in this way.
  • Improved facial features such as changing a hook at the end of your nose or an upturned tip or smoothing a bump on the bridge of your nose. Subsequently, other features on your face will be enhanced (your eyes look bigger, you look more youthful).

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1 hour


2 weeks

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General anaesthesia

Hospital Stay



6 weeks

Final Result

Results after 3 weeks, though your final results may take a year

Pre admission tests

Blood tests, MRSA, +/- ECG


Nasal shape and size


2 weeks

Before and After Results

Rhinoplasty before and afters

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“I’m really pleased with the result. The bump in my nose that I had before has been completely removed and it’s smoothed down so has a really nice slope effect to it now. The base of my nose was a little bit broader so that’s been taken in so it’s nice and slimline.

Read more about Holly's experience
Holly Rhinoplasty Results

Patient Stories



“I feel so much more confident. And even though my new nose hasn’t changed my face entirely in how I look in comparison to how I looked before, it has changed so much within me.”

Read more about Karolina's experience
Rhinoplasty before and after

Our rhinoplasty surgeons

Mr Karidis is one of London’s most in-demand cosmetic surgeons and it is important for us to be able to offer you the option of another trusted surgeon, capable of producing the naturally beautiful results that are the hallmark of the Karidis Clinic.

With over 25 years’ cosmetic surgery experience, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe has worked with our medical director Mr Karidis for many years and is the only other cosmetic surgeon Mr Karidis would trust his patients to.

What to expect from your procedure

Some key information for what to expect in the lead up to, and during your procedure can be found below. We ensure our patients have all the support they need but if you do have further questions these will be addressed at your initial consultation.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

Nose Reshaping surgery requires a surgeon fee, an anaesthetist fee and a hospital fee. The price also includes all of your pre-operative and post-operative care. The cost may vary slightly depending on your unique requirements, but we will give you a detailed quotation following your consultation.

For more information on what our surgical fees cover, please click here.




Liquid Nose Job with Dermal Fillers

Non-surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as the non-surgical nose job, nose filler, no-knife rhinoplasty or injection rhinoplasty, is an increasingly popular alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty.

Big Nose Treatment

Male rhinoplasty

A male nose job can create a more symmetrical and proportional nose to complement the appearance of your whole face.

Is the deep plane facelift superior to other facelift techniques?

Face and necklift

A facelift is a surgical procedure performed to improve the most visible signs of the ageing process, by eliminating excess fat, tightening the muscles beneath the skin of your face and neck, and removing any sagging skin

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