We know that making the decision to have plastic surgery can often be overwhelming and we are always happy to put you in touch with past patients if you have any questions about their experience at the Karidis Clinic. We have brought together some of our patients to talk about their cosmetic surgery journey.

Beth, Breast Reduction

Beth, 46, recently underwent a breast reduction procedure, after many years of being unhappy with the size of her breasts.

Karolina, Rhinoplasty

Our lovely patient Karolina, 30, recently let us join us on her rhinoplasty journey. She underwent the nose reshaping surgery to correct what she felt was an overly long nose that didn’t suit her face.

Charlotte, Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation

Charlotte was approaching a milestone birthday and decided to embark on a combined rhinoplasty and breast augmentation procedure to address the two areas that were affecting her self-esteem.

Karen, Facelift

Karen lost over 10 stone but such dramatic weight loss left her with an unnaturally aged face that meant she still avoided the mirror. She decided to have a facelift as she was determined to shed the reminder of her previous, unhappy life.

Dan, Gynecomastia Surgery

Dan's gynecomastia was holding him back from performing at the highest level as a physique athlete. Since his male breast reduction surgery he has succeeded at the very highest level and advises anyone suffering from the condition to take the first step and book a consultation.

Bridget, Rhinoplasty

Bridget seized turning 60 as the opportunity to finally change something about herself that had affected her confidence profoundly since childhood. She chose Mr Alex Karidis to perform a rhinoplasty and it has changed her life.

Emma, Facelift

Emma has spent many thousands of pounds on non-surgical treatments over the years to address marked skin laxity in the lower face... with disappointing returns. She chose Mr Alex Karidis to perform a facelift and the results have been dramatic.

Holly, Rhinoplasty

Holly had always been insecure about her nose and hated having candid photos taken. As her wedding approached, she decided to have rhinoplasty surgery to make small changes to her nose so it better suited her other facial features.

Carey, Tummy Tuck

"I had been dwelling on my horrible tummy for years. I hated it. I felt I had lost myself hiding under layers of baggy clothing." After a twin pregnancy and the birth of her third child, Carey had struggled with core issues and also hated the appearance of her tummy. An abdominoplasty has changed her life.

Sam Kane, Upper Blepharoplasty

Actor Sam Kane turned 55 and decided to undergo an upper blepharoplasty after many years of feeling sagging skin on the upper eyelids was making him look perpetually tired or sad.

Pia, Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

Pia recently underwent an upper and lower blepharoplasty after being unhappy with the hooding and sagging on her upper lids.

Daniel, Rhinoplasty

Daniel underwent a rhinoplasty after becoming self-conscious when seeing his side profile on social media.