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Our Countdown to the Party Season

Party Season Countdown

Over the next ten weeks, our Aesthetic Practitioners Stevie and Dr Emily, will be heading over to our Instagram to explain which treatment you want to consider to ensure you have that perfect party glow.  They will be discussing HydraFacial, Skin Boosters Profhilo & Redensity, Dermal Fillers, Botox – and even when to time your miraDry treatment to ensure you don’t sweat it through the festivities.And every week, we’ll be gifting you an amazing offer! It’s like the ultimate beauty Advent Calendar!

Follow us on Instagram to catch up with Stevie & Dr Emily every week and check here to find out about our latest offer!

Week One: A Gift for Them & A Gift for You!

Aesthetic Clinic Gift Vouchers

Karidis Clinic Gift Vouchers

Our Gift Vouchers make the perfect present for the person who has everything!

And if you purchase vouchers of £150 or over you’ll receive a Karidis Signature Hydrafacial!

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to buy your vouchers and book your treatment!

Week Two: Wrinkle Smoothing Wonder!

Wrinkle Smoothing Offer

Wrinkle Smoothing

Smooth out dynamic wrinkles, so you look refreshed even after all that festive fizz and late nights.


The first 5 wrinkle smoothing treatments booked will receive a luxury goodie bag!

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Three: Party Ready Lips & Cheeks!

Festive Filler Offer at Karidis Clinic

Dermal Fillers

Whether you want to perfect your pout, restore lost volume, or reverse the signs of facial ageing, dermal fillers are a highly effective, versatile and ideal pre-party season treatment, with instant results and minimal downtime.


The first 5 facial filler treatments booked will receive a luxury goodie bag!

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Four: A Clearer Complexion with VBeam

Festive VBeam Offer at Karidis Clinic


VBeam zaps bursts of light into the skin so imperfections like skin redness and rosacea, spider veins, freckles, age spots and even fine lines and wrinkles are eradicated. The result is firmer skin and a clearer complexion.


Pre-Xmas Bundle of 3 for £750

SAVE £150!

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!


Week Five: Remodel Your Skin Naturally with Skin Pen!

Skin Pen Offer at Karidis Clinic

Skin Pen Microneedling

SkinPen Microneedling harnesses your body’s natural skin-healing response to stimulate new collagen and elastin production, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier, glowing and more youthful.


3 treatments for £750
SAVE £285!

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!


Week Six: Our Skin Booster Special Offer!

Skin Booster Special OfferProfhilo OR Redensity 1

Dubbed injectable moisturisers for their ability to restore a hydrated and glowing complexion, skin boosters such as Profhilo and Redensity 1 have revolutionised the world of aesthetic injectables. Your skin will appear firmer, smoother and more youthful than before.

Buy 2 & Receive 3rd Free!

Price per treatment is £400 – buy two treatments of either Profhilo or Redensity 1 and you receive your 3rd Booster treatment for free.

Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Seven: miraDry - don't sweat it this party season!

miraDry Xmas OffermiraDry

Excessive sweating has a huge impact on sufferers, particularly their confidence in social situations. A staggering one in ten people state that they are bothered about how much they sweat on an everyday basis and that it affects where they can go, what they can do and what they can wear.

93% patients no longer bothered by sweat 80% of patients no longer bothered by odour one month after their miraDry treatment!

miraDry for just £1300
Usual price £1595
Offer runs until Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Eight: ClearLift - the Lunchtime Facelift

ClearLift Xmas OfferClearLift

Known as the ‘Lunchtime Lift’, ClearLift is quick and easy, virtually painless and requires no downtime, making it the perfect party prep treatment.

Full Face – book 3 for £1500 & get 1 free or 6 for £3000 & get 2 free!
Half Face – book 3 x £1050 & get 1 free or 6 x £2100 & get 2 free!

Offer now runs to Christmas!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Nine: Laser Facial (Hydra + NIR)

Laser Facial (Hydra + NIR)

Get a glow up for the party season! HydraTite combines two leading technologies to reveal a tighter, brighter complexion. It stimulates and rebuilds collagen and is the ultimate combination treatment to give your face a radiant glow with instant results, all the while helping to lift and tighten the skin.

Hydrafacial Cleanse + Peel, plus Near Infared Laser
Finishing with Hydrafacial Fuse & Protect

Book until 25th December for £1200 for 3
– a saving of £300!


Get in touch to book your treatment!

Week Ten: The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel OfferThe Perfect Peel

Looking to tackle post-summer skin damage and reveal radiant and glowing skin in time for the party season? Now is the best time to book your skin peel as downtime after The Perfect Peel can last up to a week.

Once you’re fully recovered, you’ll see smooth, firm skin with minimised pores – the perfect base for your party make-up!

Book for £350 – a saving of £135!

Get in touch to book your treatment!

The Karidis Post-Operative Care Package from LondonCryo

LondonCryo Post Operative Care Package

We are delighted to introduce St John’s Wood High Street business LondonCryo who will be kickstarting our series, ‘The Short Walk’, where we will be learning and sharing what happens behind the doors of businesses a short walk from our clinic.

We will be visiting multiple clinics over the coming months to meet founders, employees and experts, and discovering more about our enchanting London locale. We’ll also be partnering with them to offer you, our followers, exclusive offers.

Head over to our Instagram to meet LondonCryo founder Maria Ensabella as she shows us what they specialise in within their St John’s Wood location, including wellness and recovery treatments and, in particular, whole-body cryotherapy. Their treatments are great for sports recovery, fitness, pain management, anti-ageing and beauty.

The perfect partnership for our patients to enjoy following procedures with us. Here’s what Maria created for us:

The Karidis Post-Operative Care Package £180

1 x Whole Body Cryotherapy (2-3 minutes)

1 x Red Light Therapy (10 minutes)

1 x 60 minute Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session

Usual price for this package is £245

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