Consultation Fees

At Karidis Clinic, every patient receives very comprehensive treatment and care provided by individuals who have an expertise in their particular field. Each person and business with whom we operate has been carefully selected for the quality of their product or service that they offer. To our Patients we offer competitive pricing for the treatments and procedures and the reassurance that the treatment will reflect the quality and care throughout.

In order to maintain our professional and ethical standards we charge a fee for an initial consultation appointment with Mr Karidis and Mr Ho-Asjoe. A fee is also payable for a second opinion (please contact for details of these amounts).

Scheduled appointments with our Nurses and Practitioners are completely free, however we do charge a holding fee of £50. This is purely to hold your appointment and is redeemable against treatment. This booking fee is also refundable should you wish to not go ahead with treatment as long as you cancel within our 48-hour cancellation period.

Payment will be taken at the time of securing your booking with an adviser/call handler.

Our team is here to help provide you with all the necessary information and medical advice you may need to make an informed decision about your treatment or procedure.

Cancellation Fees and Late Arrivals

Cancellations can be made by phone, email or in person at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We would be grateful if you could be sure to do so, as soon as you know, to avoid any confusion and to help us maintain our level of service to all of our patients.

We reserve the right to take the deposit for a booking (for appointments with our nurses or practitioners) from those people who fail to turn up for an appointment (or those who do not cancel a booking at least 48 hours prior to booking date). If you cancel an appointment or fail to turn up twice in a row, you will be required to pay for the treatment in full to secure the appointment.

Those who cancel an appointment with Mr Karidis and Mr Ho-Asjoe are able to transfer the booking fee to a new booking provided the cancellation is made known to us at least 48 hours prior to the booked date.

We do our best to accommodate late arrivals however, there may be times when a late arrival may result in reduced consultation time, or we may have to reschedule your appointment.

Child Policy (Under 18s)

In line with regulations from the Care Quality Commission, we cannot treat persons under the age of 18 (unless referred by their GP) or allow such persons into our clinics – for their own safety. We will endeavor to assist you or reschedule your appointment if this presents a problem for you.

To arrange a consultation please call 02031314826.

Non Surgical 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Due to the recent amount of no-show appointments we unfortunately have had to put the following policy in place as of 1st February 2016:

You will be alerted with a text message 48 hrs prior confirming your appointment. If you fail to cancel your appointment within 48 hrs of your appointment then a note will be made on your record notifying our admin team to take full payment at the time the next appointment is made.

This will also be implemented if you are later than 15 minutes for an appointment more than once. We very much hope none of the above need concern you and we can keep your appointment arrangements as seamless as possible.

Babies and young children in clinic

We kindly ask you to refrain from bringing young children to your consultation or treatment. In order for us to offer a thorough procedure in a safe environment for both patient and clinician we would ask for you to have children minded for the short period of time in which you attend our clinic. We appreciate your consideration.

Complaints Procedure

This Clinic operates a complaints procedure. We aim to provide a high standard level of service at all times however do accept that on occasion there may be issues arising which may lead to our Client not being satisfied with the services with which they have been provided.

Read our Comments & Complaints page to find out more.

Cash Payments

We have reviewed our payments procedure and as of the 1st December 2019 we will no longer be accepting cash payments for surgical or non-surgical treatments within the clinic. You will however still be able to pay by either debit or credit card.