We understand the price of cosmetic surgery can be a crucial deciding factor for many patients however there is no one price fits all. Everyone is different and everyone’s surgery is individual which is why we do not publish all surgical fees on our website. Our aim and philosophy is to be the best and provide the highest standard of care, not to be the cheapest provider.

For an accurate quote for your individual case we invite you to have a consultation with Mr Karidis when you will receive a full break down of your surgical and hospital fee from your patient coordinator who you see directly following Mr Karidis. In the meantime, guide prices are available so please call 0207 432 8727 or email enquiries@karidis.co.uk to receive a quote for the operation you are interested in or to book a consultation with Mr Karidis.

Alternatively, you can book a free telephone consultation online with one of our experienced nurses here.

What is included within your surgical & hospital fee?

  • Devoted patient coordinator throughout your surgical journey
  • Dedicated surgeon – Mr Alex Karidis will consult, operate, visit you on the day of your operation and see you following your consultation
  • Cost of implants (breast surgery)
  • Highly experienced, long standing anaesthetist and theatre staff
  • Multiple follow up appointments
  • Private hospital facilities (high standard theatre & wards)
  • Private hospital overnight or day-care support from a highly commended nurse team
  • 2x complimentary garments (gynecomastia)
  • 2x coaching sessions (pre and post op)
  • Your consultation, pre-operative tests*, imaging, operation and check-ups are all under one roof at St John & Elizabeth hospital, so can save you the inconvenience of multiple location visits, should you opt for it
  • Thorough after care from a dedicated nurse of Mr Karidis’
  • 24 hour on call support should you need it

For our facelift patients:

  • Complimentary Hydrafacial following recovery with our leading medical facialist at The Karidis Clinic
  • 2 week use of Hilotherm machine

*Pre-operative fees are not included within the surgical fee you will be quoted by your patient coordinator


One of the most important and crucial steps in the process of achieving good cosmetic surgery is the initial consultation. This gives Mr. Karidis the unique opportunity to gain an understanding of what a patient wants, to assess their anatomy, to imagine what would look best for a patient given their goals and finally to discuss all this with them in an understandable way including outcomes, recovery, and possible side effects. It will also give him the chance to assess your general medical state and suitability for any surgery.

The aim is always for our patients to leave their consultation with an enhanced understanding of their situation. Conversely, we have also gained a reputation for being blunt enough to turn down patients when we feel surgery will not benefit them.

Initial telephone consultations with our clinic team are always free of charge, but a pre-operative (non-refundable) consultation fee of £250 is charged for your consultation with Mr Karidis (normally paid at time of booking) but is FULLY redeemable against the cost of your procedure. 


Fees & Guide Prices

As you will have noticed we do not publish surgical procedure fees on our website because every case is different. There is no standard operation that can be applied to everyone so fees will vary depending on your needs.

Having said that, guide prices are available so please call 0207 432 8727 or email fees@karidis.co.uk to receive a guide price for the operation you are interested in. Please note however this is not a final sum of what will be charged. Following your consultation with Mr Karidis a fee will be given to and this will be in the form of a detailed quote and breakdown of all the fees involved. This will include surgeon fees, anaesthetic fees, hospital fees (depending on the length of stay) and where applicable, implants and or devices as required, as well as routine post-operative care and visits and any extra fees you may incur (e.g. laboratory or blood test fees).

We guarantee there are no hidden costs within the price following consultation and this will include everything considered at that time, from the procedure itself, hospital care through to follow up appointments and after care.

Please be aware that our clinic does not deal with any medical insurer(s), but in fact the vast majority of medical insurance policies do not usually cover any cosmetic procedures anyway.

Our aim and philosophy is to be the best and provide the highest standard of care and not be the cheapest provider. After all when it comes to your face and body, we are sure that you would agree with us in saying that you deserve the best.

Payments Policy

We take pride in the appropriate reservation of your procedural date and time and our priority is to make this as effective and simple as possible. Scheduling surgery requires careful planning and coordination between our office, the hospital and their operating room staff, as well as your anaesthetist, where applicable. When you schedule your surgery, we are committing a large block of Mr. Karidis’ time and the time of 8-10 additional theatre personnel. We therefore require a scheduling deposit to reserve your surgical date.

Your scheduling deposit will of course be applied to the surgical fees. Your remaining surgical fee is due three weeks prior to your surgery date. For a full copy of our cancellation policy please contact one of our practice staff.

To learn more about understanding the costs of surgery please read Mr Karidis’ blog post on surgical prices.

To enquire about prices for any of our surgical procedures please contact the Karidis clinic  and the team will be happy to assist you.

If you have a query please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic on 0207 432 8727.

For information about non-surgical prices visit the Karidis Non-Surgical Pricelist page.