Asian Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Asian cheekbone surgery reduces the width and fullness of the cheeks and aims to give the face greater balance and a more sculpted, oval shape.

Asian Dermal Facial Fillers

Asian dermal fillers can enhance and adjust facial features either as an adjunct or alternative to Asian facial cosmetic surgery.

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Asian blepharoplasty, encompassing double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty, are popular surgical procedures designed to reshape the eye area in Asian patients.

Asian Jaw Reduction Surgery

Asian jaw reduction procedures are increasingly popular to slim down the lower portion of the face. Asian women opt for these surgeries to achieve a more feminine-shaped face.

Asian Lip Reduction Surgery

The lips are a natural focal point on our faces and Asian Lip Surgery is about improving the balance an harmony of the face and achieving a desired aesthetic.

Asian Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Asian rhinoplasty is a carefully-considered cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to enhance the nose so that it flatters the Asian face in its natural beauty.

Epicanthoplasty (Asian Eye Surgery)

Epicanthoplasty surgery will increase the width of your eyes, making them look larger and more open. Our skilled, experienced surgeons can give your face greater balance and enhance its beauty.

Plastic Surgery for Asian Men

Our Asian plastic surgery options for men include double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty and Asian rhinoplasty. Our skilled team also performs a wide range of non-surgical treatments.