Our team are able to make your appointment by telephone/ email; whichever is the most convenient to you however try to give as much information about your expectation as possible so we can allocate the correct amount of time for your booking.


Once the booking is made you can expect a text reminder 48 hours before you visit us. If you are unable to make the appointment please do call/email and let us know as treatment time is valuable and if you cannot make it – someone else could take advantage of that time.

Mr Karidis and a client talking


Whether on line, via email on the telephone, in person or via social media we will always endeavour to answer your initial enquiry with the best advice as soon as we can.


In our experience it is usually much better in most cases to make some time to come and speak with us about your concerns, our qualified team will listen to you and discuss what you want to achieve before giving advice. We are always happy to discuss price however this may be considerably less when we can see your areas of concern.


We are located within a short walking distance from St John’s Wood Tube Station which is on the Jubilee Line. If you drive there is a small patient car park in the hospital grounds however a larger Q-car park just around the corner, charges are visible on the link.

Once you have safely arrived you will enter the hospital of St John and Elizabeth at the main entrance where you will see a large reception in front of you, if you walk past the reception you will walk through a doorway and immediately on your left you will see two lifts and a stairway.

Karidis clinic

Press the lift to level number 3 or take the stairs (if you are feeling sprightly today).

Our clinic is on the left hand side, next door to the spinal unit.

Once inside, you will be seated comfortably in reception where you can enjoy some refreshment and relax and read a magazine if you chose.


We will ask you to complete some information for us about your general health and will give us some idea of why you are here today. Try to be as detailed as possible to enable us to understand the best and safest course of treatment for you. If you have visited before be sure to tell us if you are taking any medication or if anything has changed with your health.

If you are unsure about anything please do make a note and ask as many questions as you need when you see our team.

a treatment being undertook

We do like to ensure that we answer all of your questions and that you are completely happy when you leave us so please do bear with us if we do not run strictly to time.

Once they have prepared the room for you, your chosen member of the Karidis team will come to reception to meet you. You will be accompanied to one of our treatment rooms where we will talk through your form and ask you to describe your concerns.

If our diary allows, from time to time we are able to treat you right away. If treatment on the same day is possible we will let you know and you can decide if this suits you. Where necessary a test patch may be performed which will require you to leave time before treatment.

If you have treatment the procedure will be discussed with you, please ask as many questions as you like and take your time when deciding what is best for you.

Prior to your non-surgical treatment you will be asked to read, complete and sign a consent form.


The Practitioner will record your treatment fully and take a photographic record so that you can compare your results.

Sometimes a follow up will be suggested, this is usually free of charge and we suggest you make this appointment before leaving for home**

Our team will give you comprehensive after care advice before you leave, we would ask that you follow the advice closely and/or download the FAQ page from our website to really make the most of your treatment.

Mr Alex Karidis

If you do have any concerns after your non-surgical treatment our nurses are available to offer you support and advice so please do call on 0207 432 8727 or via email if more convenient to you. After all everyone is individual and experiences will differ.

We love to hear how your treatment experience was and if you have any tips for other patients. We always welcome your comments at

*We reserve the right to ask for payment up front for people who repeatedly do not turn up for appointments.

**If a complementary follow up is suggested and not taken advantage of within the stipulated time frame we will not be responsible for dissatisfaction with the result as we deem the follow up to be part of the treatment


  • What are my main concerns / fears?
  • How quickly do I want them treated?
  • Do I want treatment the day I come for consultation?
  • If not what days are good for me to come?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is there a special event I am attending for which I would like my results to be evident i.e. a birthday or wedding (particularly if the FAQs describe ‘downtime’). If taking medication bring the names, types of medication and frequency taken?

Karidis clinic


Please contact us and we will help you in any way we can.