The jaw greatly affects how we look, and for women, a wide jaw can give them a more masculine appearance.

The jaw determines the overall contour of the face. While many beautiful women have a wide, square jawline, for some it can make them feel self-conscious and unattractive. Those who are concerned with their wide jaw, can opt to have it corrected.

What causes a wide jaw to develop?

A wide jaw is caused by either muscle or due to the bone structure. It can also be caused by a combination of the two. The main cause tends to be when the masseter muscles are enlarged. These muscles are positioned over the jaw, and they can enlarge due to genetics or frequent jaw clenching.

ASSOCIATED PROCEDURES: Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Thread Lifts


Blepharoplasty London

Muscle relaxing injections can be used to temporarily improve early signs of ageing, by smoothing dynamic wrinkles and they can also be used to reshape a wide jaw by reducing the masseter muscle.

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Thread Lift London

Facial ageing such as loss of definition along the jawline, sagging in the midface, drooping in the brow or eye area or the appearance of a double chin, can all be greatly improved by facial threads, also known as a thread lift.

The thread lift can be the perfect solution for those that are just noticing these visible signs of ageing or those who want to reshape the lower face.

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In general, Asian people tend to have wider cheekbones and jaws than Caucasians, with faces that are more round and flat overall.

Many people in Asia aspire to have a more angular, traditionally European face shape, which is why Asian jaw reduction procedures are increasingly popular.

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