Broken capillaries can occur anywhere on the body, but they tend to be most noticeable on the face, appearing as thin red or occasionally blue or purple lines. Known medically as telangiectasia, they are enlarged blood vessels underneath the skin and are commonly referred to as spider veins.

If broken capillaries are causing issues with your confidence, there are excellent treatments available. It is also important to note that spider veins are different to varicose veins, which tend to be larger and found more commonly in the legs.

What causes broken capillaries on the face?

Enlarged or broken capillaries on the face are typically caused by one of two things. They can occur due to skin trauma, or if the blood vessels are excessively dilated.

Skin traumas that could cause them include squeezing pimples, sneezing, and intense microdermabrasion. Excessive dilation of the blood vessels can occur through being exposed to cold temperatures, drinking alcohol, and eating spicy food.

What do spider veins look like?

Spider veins are given their name due to how they appear. They look a lot like spider webs, and they can vary in colour. They are thread-like veins, and present as much smaller than varicose veins. They are also commonly found on the legs, chest, and hands.



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