Causing discoloured, dark patches of skin to develop, Melasma is a common yet often embarrassing condition. Also referred to as chloasma when it occurs in pregnant women, this harmless condition can affect self-esteem and confidence.

What is Melasma?

Melasma produces patches and spots of a greyish or brown colour. Over 90% of those with the condition are women, but it can affect men too. More pronounced in the summer months, it can develop on various parts of the body. However, it does tend to be most common on the cheeks, forehead, and nose.

Who is at risk of Melasma?

There are a few known risk factors of Melasma including sex, sun exposure, and skin colour. Women are most at risk of developing the condition, and it tends to mostly affect those with darker skin.

There is also evidence to suggest hormones play a role in the condition. If you have a sensitivity to progesterone or oestrogen, you are more likely to develop Melasma. The UV rays of the sun can also affect the melanocytes, leading to the development of Melasma.

Whatever the cause, there are effective treatments available to help clear up the condition.

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