Our eyes tend to be the first thing we notice about someone and the eye area is also the first place we start to see ageing. The eyes play an important role in how we communicate and are used in almost every facial expression.

Crow’s feet, also referred to as laughter or smile lines, are small dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, caused by our constant frowning, squinting, smiling and laughing.

What are the causes of crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet can have several causes. The main ones are age and UV exposure. As we get older, the skin starts to lose its elasticity. You will also find that the skin around the eyes is much more delicate than other areas. It does not produce its own oil, increasing the chance it will become thin and dry.

Typically, though, those wrinkles occur due to our natural facial expressions. As the muscles around the eyes contract and relax, it causes lines to form in the overlying skin.

Why are the eyes so susceptible to ageing?

The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than the rest of the face. It is thinner and the skin doesn’t produce its own oils. Without using a regular eye cream, over time the skin around the eyes starts to appear dry, and lines are much easier to spot.

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Our wrinkle smoothing treatment is used to temporarily improve early signs of ageing, as well as more mature skin, to achieve a smoother more youthful appearance and reduce the presence of crow’s feet (around the eyes) and frown lines (between the eyebrows).