What is buccal fat?

Buccal fat is the fat between your jaw and cheekbones. It’s causing a buzz lately with celebrities getting theirs removed. We all have buccal fat, but if you have an Asian background it is common for you to have more. People can become self-conscious about their buccal fat when they feel it makes them look ‘chubby’ and no matter how hard they diet or exercise, it doesn’t slim down. Adults can feel they look ‘childish’. Unflattering comparisons can also be made: ‘chubby cheeks’, ‘chipmunk’… It can really get some people down and impact every aspect of their life.

What causes buccal fat?

Excess buccal fat often runs in families; it’s just a matter of family genes. Consider your family and your ancestors, they may have a similar look.

Can buccal fat be removed?

The good news is that buccal fat can be removed quickly and easily, hence its soaring popularity. There is limited downtime (recovery is less than one week!) and no scars. Due to these advantages, buccal fat removal has become very popular amongst celebrities and on social media. People are happy to share their results with the public as they are so good. Pads of fat are simply removed from the inside of the mouth via tiny incisions. You will have a much slimmer face post-surgery so it’s incredibly rewarding.

Treatment option: Buccal fat removal surgery

Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is highly experienced in buccal fat removal surgery and achieves natural-looking results which will enhance the contours of your face and highlight the hollow areas between your cheeks and jawline creating a V-shape silhouette to your face (seen as a ‘model look’). The surgery is straightforward and just requires a local anaesthetic. Mr Ho-Asjoe will make an incision inside your cheeks to remove the buccal fat pad. Dissolvable sutures are used to close the incisions so that you don’t have to have them removed. The full results will be seen after about four weeks when any swelling has subsided.