What are wide cheekbones?

Asian faces often have wide cheekbones, so it is a common request to have them narrowed using cheekbone reduction techniques.

What’s the difference between high and low cheekbones?

High cheekbones create a long, angular face which is seen as a highly desirable, radiant look. Low cheekbones often make a face appear rounder and can give a withdrawn or sunken look.

Can wide cheekbones be narrowed?

Wide cheekbones can be narrowed through an incision inside the mouth, hidden in the hairline or in a crease in the eyelid. Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, our Consultant Plastic Surgeon, is highly skilled in this area and will discuss what will work best for you during your consultation.

Treatment option: Asian cheekbone reduction surgery

Oval, egg or heart-shaped faces are considered to be desirable in Asia, so Asian cheekbone reduction surgery is a typical request. Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is highly skilled in removing excess fat from the cheek area and reshaping cheekbones to create a more defined look. He will take time to consider your unique facial features and your wishes during a consultation.

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