With lots of enthusiasm for the non-surgical industry, Nurse Prescriber Karolina has been a member of the Karidis team of clinicians since 2018. She combines a wealth of clinical experience with a particular passion for facial contouring.

If you’re a filler virgin and would like to know how best to achieve a youthful, contoured look, then Karolina is the nurse for you. Her background in midwifery lends beautifully to her bedside manner.

You won’t leave an appointment disappointed.

Karolina Padolskyte

Karolina specialises in all the non-surgical treatments we offer at Karidis Clinic, as well as the new aesthetic injectables that are becoming increasingly popular. Find out more about Russian Lips with Dermal Fillers, Selfie Sculpting with Injectables, Contoured Cheeks and the Liquid Nose Job.

All these techniques demand a high level of skill, though, so it’s essential to find a trustworthy injector. Karolina specialises in hyaluronic acid injectables to shape and define faces to suit the individual.

“If the treatment requested is not safe, I won’t do it, ever. There isn’t a more beautiful face than a healthy face and, although these treatments aren’t surgery, a botched job can be really hard to fix, if it is at all possible. I will often turn patients down, if I don’t think they need a treatment, or a patient has an addictive personality and will eventually end up overfilled or overdone.

“Sometimes patients will show me pictures of friends or celebrities and request to look alike, not realising that every person has different musculature, bone architecture, composition of the fat tissue, teeth bite and dental structure, so no result will ever be the same. It’s about being the best version of yourself, not others.”