Dan Yeomans: Why miraDry changed my life

We’re very excited to introduce you to Dan Yeomans, the Karidis ambassador for miraDry. Dan has suffered for years from excessive sweating and finally discovered miraDry at Karidis. He’ll be sharing his experiences of the treatment and results over a series of blog posts so stay tuned for more updates.  

Extract from Dan Yeomans’ Instagram @dr_yeomans:

“As my close family & friends know I have struggled with Hyperhidrosis for some time. For as far back as I can remember this has been a real issue for me. For the ones that don’t know what this is, it’s basically a case of over active underarm sweat glands.

Long story short you can forget about wearing any pastel tones, neutral colours and tops that are red, blue, grey or any other shade that isn’t white or black actually. Going to meetings or interviews is generally a battle of not over sweating and embarrassing yourself and looking like a fool. You will also find you carry a back up top/s in your car and think it’s normal. Well it isn’t normal and yes it’s that bad and this isn’t an exaggeration In any sense of the term. Following a recent underarm break out I told myself this is a joke and I’ve had enough. After a little research I came across MiraDry by the guys @karidis_london. An underarm procedure that essentially bombards the sweat glands with microwaves to essentially retire them early and stop the production.

After reading a load of positive reviews and found out it’s actually approved and safe I went ahead with it, took the plunge and booked it in. I’ve shied away from anything like this primarily due to it being unknown or not knowing anyone that has had it done. I couldn’t wait anymore and needed a solution and again dived into the unknown. Well my fellow clammy handed, wet underarm friends I can happily confirm it’s worked. It has actually worked. I am sat here in bed giggling because I’m not sweating, my underarms are dry.. Seriously WTF!! I wish I found about this years ago. Guys and girls, professionals alike, don’t stick to putting tissue in your tops or having a spare wardrobe in your car there is a solution. I was reluctant to share my procedure but I think if I can help some of you get this embarrassing condition dealt with then so be it.”

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Watch the full video with Dan Yeoman’s miraDry results!

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