Getting to know you – Karolina Padolskyte

We’re delighted to welcome Karolina Padolskyte to the Karidis team. Karolina is our new nurse prescriber, specialising in injectable treatments.

We sat down with Karolina to learn about her background, what she’s most looking forward to about working at Karidis and her biggest career achievements to date – plus her views on cosmetic surgery.

Q: Where did you train to be a nurse?

A: My background is in midwifery. I trained at London South Bank University and at the end of the 3 years I was awarded the best student midwife in London! God did I love delivering my East London babies!

Q: How long have you been an aesthetic nurse practitioner?

A: I completed my aesthetic training in January 2017. Since then I have undertaken many advanced aesthetic courses to improve my skills and patient safety.

There is so much more I’d like to learn, with PDO threads my next step.

Q: What are you most excited about offering at Karidis and why?

A: My experience in injectables and hyaluronic acid treatments. I believe non-surgical treatments are a way forward for many people.

They are more accessible, more affordable and requires minimal downtime.

Q: What brought you to Karidis?

A: I needed a change personally and professionally and was looking for a position in a reputable clinic like Karidis.

The Karidis Clinic is so diverse, as it appeals to so many people of different ages and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

It delivers such a high standard of care and the team is so well sourced. I came for an interview not knowing what to expect and I was so nervous. After I left, I knew straight away I wanted to work for Karidis Clinic. It just felt right in my heart.

Q: What inspired you to work in the aesthetic industry?

A: It all started off as a hobby. I never saw this as a career change. The more I learnt, the more I realised how little I knew about aesthetics. This ignited a natural desire to develop within the industry.

It is not about enhancing beauty. Beauty is very objective and appreciated differently by everyone. It is about self confidence, about enhancing natural facial features, making someone’s skin glow and giving them reassurance.

Q: Tell us your biggest career achievement to date

A: The highlight of my career was volunteering as a nurse/midwife in Nepal for 6 weeks. For 4 weeks I lived in a little town called Pokhara by the Himalayas, worked on a maternity ward in a local government funded hospital every day and saw life how I’ve never seen it before.

We worked in the most deprived circumstances, we delivered babies whilst there was no electricity and thanked God for every life we saved.

I spent the last 2 weeks climbing the Himalayas and stayed with tribal mountain communities where I’ve spent most of the time educating and providing people with vaccinations.

The experience made me count my own blessings!

Q: What are your views on cosmetic surgery?

A: It’s a personal choice and one I would want make for myself, so I think that says a lot about my views!

Q: What are you currently most impressed with in our ever beauty evolving industry, considering the latest advances in non-surgical solutions?

A: I don’t really like the word ‘beauty’. Bigger lips doesn’t necessarily signify enhanced beauty for everyone.

In aesthetics we are very much focused on correct proportions, ratios and symmetry and I always advise my patients based on these principles.

Ageing is a multifunctional process. As we age we lose the ability to rejuvenate collagen and we experience bone and adipose tissue degeneration, all resulting in overall facial volume loss causing saggy and wrinkly skin.

Anti-ageing injectables allow us to restore these natural features, enhancing youth yet still making a patient look like their natural self.

Q: Let us into at least one of your top beauty/anti- ageing secrets

A: It has to be injectables! After suffering with severe migraines for years, injectables are the only thing that relieves them, whilst also working wonders for my wrinkles!

Q: Tell us a bit about you. Who would your top 3 dinner guests be? They can be famous or historical, from the past or present – anyone you like.

A: I am very keen on recycling, I don’t eat any meat and I don’t wear leather. I try not to drink bottled water, I use public transport where I can and every month I donate to at least 3 charities.

I cannot walk past a homeless person, I worry about animal welfare and my make up, shampoos, shower gels and everything else is cruelty free

Yes I know, I sound like a nightmare! My husband says to me:

‘Stop trying to save the world, don’t you have enough of your own problems?’

I have a hobby of collecting perfumes. I have some exclusive bottles in my collection and I hunt for these worldwide. I like to smell different every day and my favourite notes for this time of the year are vanilla, wood, tobacco and chilli.

The 3 people I’d have for my dream dinner party would be my dearest mother, the Prophet Mohammed and Victoria Beckham!