Is Polynucleotides Treatment suitable for men?

Polynucleotides for men

Polynucleotides have become the latest buzzword in aesthetics for addressing many ageing and skin concerns. Part of their popularity is because they suit men and women of all ages and all skin types.

What are Polynucleotides?

An exciting new concept in regenerative aesthetics, Polynucleotides Treatment can promote cell turnover, improve skin hydration, boost collagen production, firm up skin elasticity, and reverse skin damage, whether from sun damage or acne scarring.

Polynucleotides are composed of DNA fractions, which are filtered and ultra-purified, making them natural, biodegradable, and compatible with our skin. Acting as a nourishing substance for cells, they stimulate collagen and elastin production, contributing to the enhancement of the extracellular matrix—the structural support layer responsible for maintaining youthful skin.

Why are men embracing Polynucleotides?

Men are increasingly embracing the concept of self-care, and the stigma surrounding aesthetic treatments for men is fading. There are several reasons why Polynucleotides are so popular with our male patients:

  • Fix, not fill: Men often shy away from aesthetic treatments because they are worried about looking unnatural or obvious. Unlike traditional dermal fillers designed to fill the skin, Polynucleotides scientifically regenerate the skin from within at a cellular level, enhancing hydration levels, collagen production, and skin elasticity to produce a natural result.
  • Less fuss: Men often seek treatments that provide lasting results with minimal to no effort on their part. While some anti-ageing treatments take months and multiple sessions to show improvements, Polynucleotide treatments often reveal enhanced skin quality within a few weeks.
  • Deeper impact: Everyone likes value for money, and anti-wrinkle injections provide effective but temporary results lasting three to four months; Polynucleotide Treatments are designed to last six to 12 months. Moreover, their effects continue to improve the skin’s quality long after the initial treatment.
  • Enhanced professional image: Looking dynamic and fresh in the workplace is critical for many men and can potentially open doors to new opportunities. One of the key benefits of Polynucleotide Treatment is to anti-age the undereye area. It does this by reducing fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the density and strength of the skin, minimising dark circles by repairing damaged blood vessels and tightening and firming by improving skin elasticity.

Not yet available at Karidis Clinic, but men might be excited to learn that Polynucleotides could prove to be a future treatment for hair loss. Studies indicate that its ability to improve cell function and stimulate blood flow means it could be used to treat androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern hair loss.

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