Karidis Clinic in the media

Mr Alex Karidis in the Media

As a leading London plastic surgeon with over 25 years’ experience in performing the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures, Mr Alex Karidis is regularly invited to comment by the press and TV on the latest developments in the field. Recently, he was invited on GB News with Nana Akua to discuss the risks of cosmetic surgery abroad, particularly in relation to the aftercare required by patients post-surgery.

This discussion was prompted by the tragic story of Melissa Kerr. The 31-year-old died during a Brazilian Bum Lift performed in a Turkish hospital when harvested fat injected to reshape the buttocks entered a vein causing a blocked artery. Norfolk’s senior coroner, Jacqueline Lake, has been moved to write a report to Health Secretary Steve Barclay to outline concerns after telling the inquest there have been a “high number of patient deaths in similar circumstances”.

Mr Alex Karidis talks cosmetic surgery abroad risks with GMB News

“Every surgery has a complication rate unfortunately and that is the important point about people going abroad for surgery. The actual procedure is only one aspect of it,” Alex explained to Nana. “But you’ve got all the post-operative follow-up care and that’s where we have to be very vigilant to be able to look after these patients because every once in a while something doesn’t go according to plan. If a complication arises and you are 4,000 miles away from where the procedure was performed then you don’t have that support.”

Alex also explained why the BBL has a higher risk of complications than other procedures. Watch Alex chat to Nana on GB News.

Mr Karidis and his patient coach discuss cosmetic surgery expectations on BBC Radio London

Alex and Karidis Patient Coach Kimberley Moriarty also joined BBC Radio London to discuss cosmetic surgery demand in light of new research that shows that one in 3 Brits is considering a procedure. Mr Karidis explained that patients should always have realistic expectations and Kimberley gave her insights after many conversations with our patients pre- and post-surgery. Listen to snippets of Shay Kaur Grewal’s programme. 

Karolina’s rhinoplasty journey revealed on Woman’s Hour

Alex’s appearance comes after our beautiful patient Karolina discussed her rhinoplasty experience on BBC’s Woman’s Hour. “I am very lucky that I had the means to go to Mr Alex Karidis, one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. I trusted in his expertise and skill and I went with the idea that I will allow him to do the best he can and do the nose that will fit my face. I feel this is very important as I know younger ladies might look on Instagram and think this is the nose that I want but that is not necessary the nose that you can achieve or that necessarily suits your face.

Listen to Karolina on Woman’s Hour and click here to read more about her patient story.