Karidis Clinic’s Stevie answers all your rhinoplasty FAQs!

Rhinoplasty FAQs

As Mr Alex Karidis’ surgical nurse, Stevie saw his surgical skills up close and personal and witnessed hundreds of patient transformations. When she finally decided to have a rhinoplasty after many years of being dissatisfied with the shape and size of her nose, Mr Karidis was her first choice as surgeon.

A key component of her role as surgical nurse was to answer patient questions about what to expect in the run up to their operation, on the big day, and during their recovery period. Now she can call on personal experience to answer the most commonly asked questions about the rhinoplasty procedure!

“The question I get asked the most is, have you had it done! And, yes, I’ve seen people’s recoveries and I know how it should feel but I didn’t necessarily know because I haven’t had it done myself. But I have now, so I can completely relate to patients and I feel like I’m telling the truth when I’m giving them those instructions.”

Does a rhinoplasty hurt?

“No, the answer is not at all. For me anyway! I had maybe a three out of ten pain when I woke up. I think just because it is bruised and something has happened, then you can feel that for sure, but after about half an hour the discomfort went away and I had no pain.”

How does it feel to have the packs taken out?

“For me, it wasn’t painful. It’s an unusual sensation as there’s quite a lot of pressure, almost like a vacuum and if you imagine pulling on it, then there’s a sudden release of pressure.”

Can you breathe normally after a rhinoplasty?

“For a little while when you wake up, it takes a while to get used to breathing through your mouth. Not being able to breathe through your nose feels a bit strange, but I wouldn’t say it’s particularly scary and you get used to it very quickly – after five to ten minutes you’re totally fine.”

Stevie’s passion for aesthetics has inspired her to join our non-surgical team as an aesthetic nurse practitioner and she now is fully trained and experienced in offering laser skin rejuvenation, non-surgical face and body treatments and injectables.

To book an appointment with Stevie, call 0207 432 8727. Or if you have any further rhinoplasty questions, get in touch to book a consultation with Karidis Clinic plastic surgeons Mr Alex Karidis or Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe.