Male demand for body contouring surgery remains firm, according to latest cosmetic surgery stats

male breast reduction demand

A global pandemic actually became the perfect time to undergo a procedure as plastic surgeons around the world reported record numbers of enquiries throughout lockdown. Whether it’s due to the phenomenon of Zoom anxiety, the ability to hide behind a mask, concern about quarantine weight gain or the ability to recover in secret while working from home, we have seen a surge in prospective patients, particularly men, over the last 18 months.

And now the latest cosmetic surgery statistics from the US have highlighted which procedures proved most popular. The annual report from The Aesthetic Society has recently been published and it seems that body contouring surgery, whether that’s lipo, male tummy tuck or moob removal, is now more popular than facial rejuvenation surgery for men.

Younger and younger

Another interesting statistic highlighted by the report was the patient demographic is getting younger and younger. They found that 40% of all procedures carried out in 2020 were in the 35 to 50 age group and this is something we’ve also experienced at the Karidis Clinic, with the average age of our male patient now being 36.

Top male cosmetic surgery procedures

In the top five male cosmetic surgery procedures listed in The Aesthetic Society’s report, body contouring dominated with liposuction, gynaecomastia and abdominoplasty proving most popular.

1. Male Liposuction

Although lipo is equally in demand with both men and women, it doesn’t mean they want the same results. Men don’t want to be just thin; they want to be defined and to achieve the ideal male physique of broader shoulders leading to a narrower waist.

As Mr Alex Karidis explains: “There is definitely a gender divide here – anything below the waist is usually a female concern as men tend to carry their weight in the chest, abdomen and waist area.

“Skin quality is an essential part of our assessment – if you have very poor skin quality, your result will always be slightly compromised when you remove the underlying fat cells. An experienced surgeon will assess your skin quality and give you an honest appraisal of the results you can expect from treatment.”

2. Male Breast Reduction

This is one of the most popular male procedures which is not surprising as gynaecomastia is such a common condition, thought to affect 15% of adult males in the UK and one in four men over the age of 50.

Gynaecomastia can be the result of an over-development of glandular breast tissue or excess fatty tissue in the chest area. Typically, it’s a combination of the two and surgeons that only offer liposuction as a way of correcting gynaecomastia may be doing their patients a disservice. When liposuction alone is performed on patients with fatty gynaecomastia, some excess breast tissue remains that it can leave the nipples looking puffy.

For most patients, a combination of liposuction and breast tissue removal is required and Mr Alex Karidis has become renowned for his male breast surgery technique. Determining the amount of fatty tissue in relation to breast tissue varies from patient to patient and surgery must be uniquely tailored to the individual.

3. Male Abdominoplasty

Men often cite their tummy as their main problem area. Although we are bombarded by images of flat stomachs and six packs on social media, it is often challenging to tone up the abdomen with diet and exercise alone. Hormonal changes can lead to middle-aged spread; as levels of testosterone start to decrease from age 30 onwards, this encourages the body to store fat in the belly.

Stress is also a factor. When you’re stressed you release cortisol and this fight or flight hormone mobilises fat from other areas of the body to your abdomen so it’s on hand if your vital organs need increased energy.

Mr Karidis’ award-winning stitching technique means he stands out in the field of male cosmetic surgery. “It’s not just about reducing risk of complications; it’s also how it performs.

“During a tummy tuck, you’re effectively taking skin from the upper abdomen, pulling it down, tightening the muscle and fixing it lower down the abdomen. It has to flow with the movement of the body and the body lines. You then minimise tension on the incision so scarring will be better. Tension kills scars.”

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