Mr Alex Karidis talks getting rid of eye bags in the Mirror Online

getting rid of eye bags

Getting rid of eye bags is a common concern for both men and women but they are typically very challenging to treat. The Mirror Online recently delved into whether it was possible to eradicate them without surgery and they turned to Alex Karidis for advice.

As Alex explained, overly protruding fat pads under the eyes are largely down to genetics which is why some people sport them from a very early age. However, as we get older and the collagen and elastin that support our skin start to break down, the fat under the eyes can start to bulge, made me more prominent by volume loss in the cheek area.

The Mirror Online reviewed various non-surgical options including dermal filler injections which aim to make the transition between the cheek and the under-eye area smoother and plumper. But, what if surgery is the only option?

The benefits of a blepharoplasty

Alex Karidis explains when surgery is the only option and what an experienced plastic surgeon will be aiming to do: “The technique depends on what the main issue is,” explained Alex. “If you have bags without too much loose skin, the fat is removed or re-draped through an incision inside the lower eyelid.

“If there is loose skin that needs to be trimmed too, the incision is made just underneath the eyelashes and extends outwards about a centimetre. It’s hardly visible and tends to heal very well.”

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