What is cat eye lift surgery (canthoplasty)?

cat eye lift

Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is a fantastically effective procedure to reverse ageing changes in the eye area. However, in recent years, a new cosmetic surgery procedure has dominated the headlines.

The eyes are commonly the first area of the face to show ageing changes. Traditionally, eye lifts involved removing excess skin and fat on the upper and lower eyelid to address hooded eyes or undereye bags. Tired eyes look instantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

A cat eye lift, also called the fox eye lift and known medically as a canthoplasty, is a purely aesthetic procedure designed to tighten and elongate the outer corner of the eye.

What does cat eye lift surgery involve?

During the surgical procedure, the lateral canthus of the eye is lifted and tightened to achieve a more almond shape.

The muscles and ligaments on the lateral canthus, where the upper eyelid meets the lower eyelid, are shaped and repositioned by making a small incision to access the tendon and create an upward tilt.

What are the benefits of cat eye lift surgery?

A blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is considered an anti-ageing cosmetic surgery procedure, and it involves trimming lax skin and removing excess fat while tightening the delicate muscle structure surrounding the eye.

A canthoplasty is more typically more popular with younger men and women, as well as Asian patients, that wish to achieve a more almond eye shape. A more aesthetically pleasing appearance is achieved by subtly elongating the eye and lifting the outside corner.

How long is the recovery after cat eye surgery?

Cat eye surgery, or a canthoplasty, is considered a fairly minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure compared to a full facelift or tummy tuck. After the operation, you can expect discomfort that can easily be controlled with over-the-counter painkillers.

There will be minimal swelling and bruising that will dissipate over the first week or two, and most patients can return to work and normal activities after a week.

There will be some scarring, but your surgeon will carefully position the small incisions in the natural creases of the eye area so they should not be noticeable once fully healed.

How long does a cat eye lift last?

A cat eye lift is a surgical procedure that permanently changes the shape and position of the eyes. However, cosmetic surgery cannot prevent ageing changes to the eyes, and skin laxity and gravity will affect the results of any surgical procedure.

Are cat eye lift surgeries safe?

As with any surgical procedure, short-term risks include bleeding, infection, bruising and swelling. One potential complication is asymmetry, but choosing a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who carefully plans the surgical procedure, can ensure the optimal outcome. Here at Karidis Clinic, we also offer epicanthoplasty surgery, performed by renowned epicanthoplasty specialist, Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe.

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