What you should look for in your facelift surgeon

Choosing your facelift surgeon

Plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis has over 32 years of experience in his chosen specialty, having performed over 20,000 cosmetic operations in the last 27 years of his full-time private practice. With 2,000 of those being facial and facelift operations, he reflects on the skill set and experience you should look for when choosing your surgeon.

Q: How does your experience impact your assessment of patients seeking facial rejuvenation surgery?

My background allows me to tap into this rather substantial experience to better assess your individual situation—and I stress that it is very much an individual situation for everyone—with people having different anatomical and physiological factors affecting their ageing.

I have that experience, which, of course, subsequently gives me the ability to offer you the best possible advice and suggestions for your needs.
I’ll also give you my suggestions according to my aesthetic sense, which has always been driven by leaving the patient as natural as possible. That’s paramount in my mind. Always has and always will be.

If you’re looking for extreme outcomes. then please look elsewhere. Conversely, where I feel I can’t achieve a result that makes it worth your while, I’ll be honest and tell you so. In fact, I probably turn down about ten per cent of patients much to my accountant’s displeasure.

However, if I do agree to do your surgery, you can be 100 percent certain I agree because I feel totally confident in my ability to perform the surgery and make a transformative difference for you.

Q: What other aspects should a prospective facelift patient look for?

My 27 years of solely private cosmetic surgery practice experience allows me to deal with any possible problems or complications that may arise during the operation or post-operatively, giving you a much greater sense of security and confidence.

Although, of course, no surgeon or patient ever wants complications, sadly, they do constitute a possibility with any surgery, so your surgeon must have the expertise to deal with this should that unlikely scenario arise.

Q: What facelift aftercare should a patient expect?

Separate from any surgeon’s experience or ability, the support provided both pre- and post-operatively is paramount. Going through any operation, whether that’s a facelift or any other procedure, is a huge step for most people, a step they are usually not familiar with. This understandably leads to an emotional rollercoaster ride of anxiety, nervousness, fear, and excitement.

To this aim, my admin staff, nurses, transformational coaches, and, where necessary, psychological support team will be by your side and will support you throughout your journey.

It’s also very reassuring for you to know that all our operations are performed in a fully registered and supported hospital and not a small clinic that likely has no in-patient or intensive care facilities should these ever be required.

You see, no matter how good I or any surgeon may be, we are only one part of this experience, and therefore, I rely heavily on the rest of my team to achieve your desired outcome.

I carefully select every staff member to ensure we all have the same principles, duties, and obligations towards our patients. As a team, we pride ourselves on offering a first-class support package throughout your facelift journey.

For more information on our support package or to arrange a facelift consultation with Mr Alex Karidis to discuss your ageing concerns, call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us on enquiries@karidis.co.uk.