Breast Reduction Results

“I’m so glad that I took this journey with Mr Karidis because he has just been so amazing all the way through with his and also the finished result is so much better than I even thought it would be.”

Beth, 46, recently underwent a breast reduction procedure, after many years of being unhappy with the size of her breasts.

She let us join us on her journey – from her consultation with Mr Alex Karidis to her experience on the day of surgery and through her recovery process.

Recently, we caught up with Beth and she reflected on how the procedure has changed her life a year after surgery.

Why I decided to have a breast reduction

“I’d be thinking about having breast reduction surgery for many years but was never really in the right place in my life to really contemplate properly going ahead. At the beginning of this year, I decided that perhaps it was time to do something for myself.

“My frame’s quite small and I’ve got very large breasts and it will be something that will continue to impact my life especially going into my 60s and 70s so now is definitely the right time to have something done as I’m fit and healthy.”

My breast reduction experience

Beth underwent a breast reduction procedure with liposculpting on the back in January 2021. As the UK was under Covid restrictions at the time, Beth had to attend the hospital on her own but she was instantly put at ease by the nurses who showed her to a private room where she was seen Mr Alex Karidis. Mr Karidis went through the procedure again and discussed what size she wanted to be ideally after surgery.

Before her procedure, Beth met the anaesthetist who has worked with Mr Karidis for many years. “This was really good because I was quite worried about the anaesthetic process as lots of people are and it was great because she managed to put my mind at rest about the different drugs that were being administered.

“The whole process was completely seamless from start to finish and before I knew it I was coming round in recovery and everything had gone really well.”

My breast reduction results

“I have just had my post-op check-up with Mr Karidis at four weeks and the results are absolutely amazing. While there is some scarring still obviously but they are already so fine. Mr Karidis asked me what I thought and I said I am just so gutted I didn’t have it done sooner.

“The finished result is so much better than I even thought it would be. I just am so unbelievably happy with my my breasts and the whole process with the Karidis Clinic and Mr Karidis.”

A year on from my breast reduction with Karidis

“I cannot believe the results of my of my new breasts and how amazing they are. The scarring is almost completely invisible. They’re very natural looking which is exactly what I wanted. They’re also not too small which was something I was a bit worried about after having had quite large breasts.

“I’m so happy I’ve had them done and I can’t believe a year on the difference it’s had to my life. I wish I’d had it done so long ago but it was the right time for me.”

If you’d like to find out if you’re suitable for a breast reduction procedure, call us on 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation with Mr Alex Karidis.

Beth in London Life Magazine