“I made a number of appointments with extremely highly reviewed and reputable clinics. One of these was Alex Karidis. He was the benchmark for me. Mr Karidis has his clinic at the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital. It is a fantastic hospital I had been to before for serious back surgery. From the first phone call I was treated with kindness and friendliness.

“My appointment was within a few days. I met Mr Karidis. He is sympathetic, approachable and has time for every little question. I did not feel at all self conscious or silly for asking. I made my mind up pretty much then and there. I rang up when I got home and was given a surgery date for about three weeks later. This was followed up by extremely professional and friendly phone calls to talk me through the whole process and what I could expect. Since we were still under Covid restrictions I was required to have a number of tests before surgery. These were all seamlessly organised along with every single tiny detail leading up to my admission.

“My room was lovely and I was quickly visited and put at ease by Mr Karidis and his team. My operation went well. I had been told what to expect in the days and weeks following. I had no problems with the wound and when the dressings came off a week later, the scar was already flat and smooth.”

Carey's Tummy Tuck Story


Abdominoplasty results

Carey Abdominoplasty results

“When Kerry came to me she was clearly upset about her tummy and she’s been through pregnancies and had a serious C-section scar. As you can see in the before picture, she had a little bit of accumulation of fat and a bit of sag at the bottom here. As a result of the fact that she’d had previous back surgery she wasn’t able to utilise her core muscles in the way she really wanted to and the abdomen had become a weak area for her.

“She didn’t have any non-surgical options to improve her abdominal region. She also had a few stretch marks on the central abdomen and again those things don’t get better with any kind of exercise, no matter how diligent you are. So the only option was a conventional tummy tuck which would reinforce her stomach muscles, pull down any lax skin and remove any excess skin.”