“Since school and teenage years, my nose was always the problem area on my face. I felt that that it was the area where I just didn’t feel very confident at all and I felt from side angles and in candid photos that it was just very over pronounced on my face.

“I took the decision to have a rhinoplasty when I could financially afford it and when I was in the best place in my life to take action.”

My rhinoplasty experience

“I’m really pleased with the result. The bump in my nose that I had before has been completely removed and it’s smoothed down so has a really nice slope effect to it now. The base of my nose was a little bit broader so that’s been taken in so it’s nice and slimline.

“I look at photos now and there is a huge difference so I’ve been really pleased to be able to document where I’ve come from.”

How was the cast reveal?

“I thought I’d done my research and I was prepared for having an alternative appearance. I thought I’d have a smaller nose and it would be more slimline on my face, but I don’t think I was aware of how I’d react to the surgery and the amount of swelling.

“So for me the cast removal was a real shock moment and it wasn’t what I expected at all.

“My face looked really swollen to the point where I just didn’t actually recognise myself in the mirror. That sounds really extreme to say but this is really important for anybody who’s thinking about a rhinoplasty.

“Just to be aware that this is normal and it’s not forever that you look like this and between six to 12 months you’re on the road to the finishing line.”

48 hours after my cast reveal

Rhino Cast Reveal Rhino Cast Reveal Results

My rhinoplasty results

Holly Rhinoplasty Results

When were you ready to face the world?

“Initially, I was so self-conscious with how I looked. So I just say if anybody is able to work from home for a few weeks while the swelling is going down and the breathing improves that would be the best time to take window. But I think after that month you’d be ready to face the world again for sure.”