Yvonne Wake, BSc. MSc. RPHNutr,  is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, fitness professional, life coach, and a Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultant who works in London and France. With over 40 years’ experience, we are delighted she has joined the Karidis team as we are dedicated to supporting our patients throughout their cosmetic surgery journey.

After qualifying as a Fitness Instructor in the USA, and the UK in the 1970s –Yvonne opened the first female-only health club in the world.  The Gym at The Sanctuary in London’s Covent Garden was at the forefront of health clubs and was hugely successful.

Cosmetic Surgery Diet Specialist

Yvonne followed this success with a second health club (also female only), called The Phillimore Club in Kensington.  Yvonne continued her education in the area of Nutrition in the 1990s and obtained her BSc in Health and Nutrition with the University of Surrey, following this with a Master’s degree from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Public Health Nutrition. This led to a lecturer’s position at Roehampton University spanning 8 years, whilst there, Yvonne studied her PhD getting to MPhil status after 4 years of study on Childhood Obesity.

In 2012 Yvonne opened her most recent Health Retreat in South West France which continues today.  Yvonne has run health retreats for the past 30 years in many different locations in the UK as well as worldwide.

Alongside the health retreats, Yvonne runs her Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultancy in London. Yvonne has developed three incredibly effective programmes for her clientele. One, in particular, is The B (stands for Balance, Back to Basics, and Behavioural change).  This is a six-week Lifestyle programme which brings about weight loss, changes to confidence levels, stress levels, helps to increase fitness levels, and improve sleep patterns.  Clients take back control of their lives on this programme and it has seen much success over the past 30 years with clients maintaining a healthier, happier life.

As a recognised health expert, Yvonne regularly contributed to various periodicals and is often called upon by the media to comment on any health-related story. She is also a motivational speaker on wellbeing and adopting a mindfulness approach to life.

Yvonne believes that cosmetic surgery is a significant investment of time and money, but that there is no point in spending substantial funds on a procedure i.e. a facelift, if one isn’t taking care of their skin by making sure that the body receives the correct nutrients through the best dietary intake, as well as improving sleeping patterns which all make a difference to the final outcome.

Similarly, if a client undergoes a very invasive surgical procedure like a tummy tuck, it merits establishing a healthier lifestyle to make sure the best results are seen and maintained.

Yvonne’s philosophy:

Eat correct nutritious food, exercise every day for at least an hour (walking to work is included here). Live in the Now and don’t waste time with negative people who zap your energy

Yvonne has devised the Cosmetic Surgery Diet for Karidis Clinic to ensure you are in the best possible health so you can be in tip-top condition to undergo a procedure and sail through the recovery period, as well as maintaining your beautiful results for always.