What is Asian jaw reduction surgery?

In general, Asian people tend to have wider cheekbones and jaws than Caucasians, with faces that are more round and flat overall. Many people in Asia aspire to have a more angular, traditionally European face shape, which is why Asian jaw reduction procedures are increasingly popular. They slim down the lower portion of the face, giving it the definition that make-up and other non-surgical methods cannot. Some women opt for these surgeries to achieve a more feminine-shaped face.

During a jawbone reduction, bone is shaved to reduce the size of the jaw. This typically requires a maxillofacial surgeon that has specialist training in correcting the soft and hard tissues of the face, in this case, the facial bone structure.

Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe does not perform jawbone reduction surgery. One alternative is jaw slimming injections or masseter injections. Muscle relaxing injections are injected into the masseter muscles which can make the face look wider and more masculine looking. Facial slimming with botulinum toxin has become an increasingly popular procedure for Asian patients.

Leading surgeons

Asian Plastic Surgeon at Karidis Clinic

Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is our Consultant Plastic Surgeon and a renowned Asian Plastic Reduction specialist. With 25 years’ of plastic surgery experience, he is one of London’s most in-demand cosmetic surgeons. His reputation is such that he is an examiner for the Diploma of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. And he frequently delivers lectures in the UK, Europe and Asia, notably as an Honorary Lecturer in plastic surgery at Hong Kong’s Queen Mary University Hospital.

Having graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, he undertook his surgical training in the UK. For his specialist training in plastic surgery, he studied in the UK and at Taiwan’s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – a globally respected microsurgical reconstructive centre.

In recognition of his expertise, Mr Ho-Asjoe has been elected to the BAAPS Council (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) as an Elected Trustee for 2021 to 2023. He’s also a member of various other plastic surgery bodies.