What is a bulbous nose tip?

A bulbous nose tip is an overly large tip (a ‘bobble’ tip) or it can be a tip which is too rounded and not very well defined. This can make the top and bottom parts of your nose seem unbalanced and mismatched.

What causes a bulbous nose tip?

A bulbous tip can be caused by an overgrowth of the cartilage in a Caucasian nose and so the overgrown cartilage is removed. But in an Asian nose, it’s not so much an overgrowth problem, but a result of weak cartilage. This needs a surgeon such as Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, with extensive Asian rhinoplasty experience, to be able to strengthen and reinforce the bulbous tip on an Asian nose and make sure that the result is balanced and natural-looking.

How to get rid of a bulbous nose?

There are both surgical and non-surgical ways to get rid of a bulbous nose, some of which will make permanent changes and others that will offer short-term solutions to a bulbous nose appearance. 

Common options include: 

  • Bulbous nose rhinoplasty
  • Nose bridge augmentation
  • Derma fillers 
  • Makeup contouring

Can a bulbous nose tip be reshaped with rhinoplasty?

A bulbous nose rhinoplasty differs from other types of rhinoplasty as the surgeon might have to remove excess skin or reinforce your nose. During your consultation, Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe will discuss what approach is best for you. In a closed approach, he will make incisions inside your nostrils, leaving no visible scars. In an open procedure, the incision is skillfully made across the skin which separates the nostrils (providing more access if needed).

Treatment option: Asian rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Asian rhinoplasty is unique from other rhinoplasty procedures: it focuses on augmenting the tip of the nose, the bridge and the nasal canal. Although each Asian patient will have different needs, desires and facial features, there are ethnic similarities that need an expert surgeon who specialises in Asian rhinoplasty to achieve flawless results.

For Asian patients with a bulbous nose, Mr Ho-Asjoe will correct it while taking into account the Asian facial features as a whole, perhaps also working to narrow the nostril size as well as the tip.

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Treatment option: Rhinoplasty surgery (nose job)

Rhinoplasty London
A bulbous nose rhinoplasty (a nose job) reduces and reshapes the tip of the nose so that it doesn’t stick out. There are a number of different techniques for doing this and after an in-person consultation, Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe will be able to tell you what will work best for you. It’s crucial to choose a surgeon who has a great deal of experience in bulbous nose rhinoplasty. Ask them to see before and after photos so you can view their work.

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Treatment option: Nose tip surgery treatments

Tip Rhinoplasty at our London clinic

Rhinoplasty is an operation to change the size and shape of your nose. But when some people say that they dislike the appearance of their nose, they’re often actually focused on the appearance of the tip of their nose. Tip rhinoplasty is surgery to improve the shape of the tip (the rest of your nose is left alone).

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