What is considered to be a short nose?

What’s a ‘short nose’? Well, it all comes down to proportions. It’s common for a short nose to also have a turned-up tip or over-rotated tip, as this makes the length of your nose appear shorter (unflatteringly also called a ‘pixie tip’ or a’ pig’ or ‘pug tip’ due to the up-turned shape). And this makes your nose look too small compared to the rest of your face.

What causes a short nose?

A short upturned nose can simply be down to your genes. Perhaps it runs in your family. Sometimes it can be due to prior rhinoplasty surgery. And it can also occur during birth trauma. A short nose can also be apparent when you have a low radix, which gives the illusion of a large bump or pseudo-hump, because this leads to a lower nasal starting point (lower than your eyes).

Can a short nose be lengthened?

Yes, a short nose can be lengthened and an upturned tip can be brought down. There are different ways of doing this:

Extended spreader grafts

Extended spreader grafts can be used to lengthen the nose and de-rotate the tip. They are little horizontal strips of cartilage that are sutured to the top of the septum. An extended spreader graft goes from the tip of the nose to the middle.

Caudal septal extension grafting

A caudal septal extension graft is stitched to the end of the septum to lengthen it. A straight piece of cartilage can be taken from the rib cartilage or the nasal septum.

Treatment option: Asian rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Asian rhinoplasty (Asian nose job) is a specialist type of ethnic rhinoplasty which takes into account your needs as an Asian patient. Facial features in Asians are naturally different to Caucasians, so the focus within Asian rhinoplasty is on specialist surgical techniques and experience regarding Asian aesthetics for natural-looking results.

A desire to lengthen a small nose is a common request amongst Asian patients. Whatever part of your nose is being addressed as the main issue, Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe will consider the whole look of your nose and face so that nothing looks out of balance.

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Treatment option: Rhinoplasty surgery (nose job)

Rhinoplasty London

Rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) surgery can include short nose surgery, but this particular area can be intricate. The surgery involves taking a small piece of cartilage from the ear or nose and re-grafting it onto your nose to recreate the nasal tip, and so it requires a surgeon like Mr Ho-Asjoe who has the experience and specialist skills.

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Treatment option: Nose tip surgery

Tip Rhinoplasty at our London clinic

Rhinoplasty is an operation to change the size and shape of your nose. But when some people say that they dislike the appearance of their nose, they’re often actually focused on the appearance of the tip of their nose. Tip rhinoplasty is surgery to improve the shape of the tip (the rest of your nose is left alone).

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