What is a square jaw?

A square jaw is when the lower jaw juts out on the side to form the bottom of a square shape. And this can give the illusion that the rest of your face forms the top of the square, which is where the term ‘square face’ comes from. A square jaw can be thought of as handsome, but it is common for Asian patients in particular to desire an oval or heart-shaped face.

What causes a square jaw?

A square jaw is usually just down to genetics. You might notice that some of your ancestors have the same right-angled jawline.

Can a square jaw be reduced and slimmed?

A square jawline can be slimmed by jaw reduction surgery. This type of surgery removes bone from the jaw and chin to narrow the bottom half of your face. The surgery is often combined with other surgeries such as chin augmentation surgery and fat reduction underneath the chin.

Treatment option: Asian jaw reduction surgery

Heart-shaped or V-shaped faces with a narrow chin are highly desirable in Asia, so Asian patients often want to change their square jawline via Asian jaw reduction surgery (V-line surgery). This involves shaving the bone down via incisions inside your mouth. Any excess fat will also be removed.

If you feel self-conscious about your square jawline you can have surgery to enhance your facial features. During an initial consultation, Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe will be considering why you have a prominent jawline, whether it is the shape of the bone, the enlargement of the chewing muscle or if there is excess fat in your lower cheeks. From there, he can decide the best course of action to take for you and will ensure natural-looking results you will be delighted with.

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