5 tips on tummy tuck recovery

tummy tuck recovery

Stevie is our surgical nurse at Karidis Clinic, working closely with Mr Alex Karidis and providing excellent care for our cosmetic surgery patients – before, during and after their procedure.

Here’s her top 5 tips on how to boost your tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck recovery process:

Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips with Stevie #1: 

Sleep is not known as the great healer for nothing! When you are at rest, your brain can attend to any issues in the body. Hormones are triggered which encourage tissue growth repair, helping your surgical wounds to repair themselves. The body also produces more white blood cells which attack any viruses and bacteria which might be delaying healing. Lack of sleep also impairs your immune system.

Stevie recommends sleeping at a slight include for at least two weeks post-abdominoplasty so as not to put too much tension on the incision.

Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips with Stevie #2:

We can overstate how important compression garments are during your recovery process. As Stevie explains, it will limit swelling and bruising and will discourage any fluid collection.

Tummy Reshaping Recovery Tips with Stevie #3:

Comfort is key during your abdominoplasty recovery process – wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to put on and remove. You may want to wear bottoms with a drawstring waist so there’s no elastic digging into the incision area. 

Abdo Surgery Recovery Tips with Stevie #4: 

A tummy tuck is a very invasive procedure and although we recommend you get plenty of rest, Stevie points out that it’s equally as important to get moving. Gentle walking will help keep blood flowing which boosts the healing process, but also decreases the chance of a blood clot developing in your legs. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips with Stevie #5:

Before you return home from Karidis Clinic, your will be advised to have a bit of hip flexion in the first couple of weeks. “By this, I mean walking with a slight bend in the hips to avoid putting too much tension across the tummy where the incision is,” Stevie explains. 

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