6 surprising benefits of miraDry

benefits of miraDry

As we step into Summer and hotter temperatures, here are six benefits of the miraDry excessive sweating treatment you might not be expecting.

#1 miraDry benefit: LIFETIME RESULTS

miraDry is long-lasting – once the sweat glands have been eliminated, they don’t grow back. So you really don’t have to sweat it this summer!

#2 miraDry benefit: GOODBYE DEODORANTS

If deodorants and prescription antiperspirants aren’t working for you, miraDry is the only procedure offering permanent results without the need for surgery.

#3 miraDry benefit: NO MORE RUINED CLOTHES

Hyperhidrosis sufferers often find their clothes are ruined by sweat stains or the heavy duty antiperspirants they have to resort to. So you’re saving money as well as having the freedom to wear what you want, when you want.


Treatments that offer permanent results, usually involves a lengthy downtime and even surgical intervention. The sweat glands are treated with thermal energy, safely destroying them without damaging the surrounding tissue.


This treatment addresses underarm odour by eliminating both the sweat glands as well as the odour glands in your underarm.

#6 miraDry benefit: SPEEDY IMPROVEMENT

This isn’t an exaggeration – miraDry results are immediate for most patients after just one session. Within just a few days, you should notice a dramatic reduction in underarm sweating. So, if you have a major event this summer or your big day is looming, now is the time to book your miraDry treatment!

Our May miraDry Offer!

Book and pay for your miraDry treatment by the end of May and we’re offering it for £1495 – usual price £1595

Treatment must be taken in June

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