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Having a facelift (or any surgical procedure) can be a daunting experience. One of our Karidis patients penned down her experience before facial surgery with Mr Alex Karidis. Read on to find out why she decided to have a facelift at 50 and her nine (surprising) preparation tips.

‘I’ve had quite a lot of non surgical procedures in the past – injectables and filler for upper face and more recently ulthera and threads for the lower face – but results have been getting more and more subtle, it seemed I just couldn’t defy gravity any longer. I’ve always thought a facelift was for movie stars and not something I would do, especially not at 50 when I still mentally feel youthful. But the more I thought about my ageing concerns, particularly my lower, and the period of life I’m in, the more it made sense to have it now.

Preparation for a cosmetic procedure:

For a general anaesthetic procedure, it’s ideal to be quite fit and while I’ve worked hard to maintain my fitness up until now who knows if I’d still be fighting fit in my sixties. Also, for optimum surgical results skin needs to be in good condition so it made more sense to have it slightly younger. I basically wanted to give myself the best chance for great results.

Why am I getting a facelift now?

The hardest decision has actually been when to have it done, as life, particularly now, is so busy. With work commitments, two dogs, grandchildren, another on the way, a daughter’s wedding and everything else in between, there is never a good time. However, here I am at 50, marching into 51 and I feel like it’s the best decision I could have made.

9 preparation tips before having a facelift

  • I have made a real effort in the last two months to see everyone I need to see so they won’t wonder where I am in the next few weeks.
  • I have written all birthday, leaving, wedding cards for the next month, addressed and stamped them all with dates to post them on… I don’t want to forget anyone and I know that I may have days post op when I feel bad so it would make me feel worse if I forgot a birthday or anniversary of some kind.
  • I have set up payments for my credit card bills, suspended my gym membership and generally given myself a personal admin break… to take the pressure off whilst recovering from the op.
  • I have purchased cotton wool buds, cotton pads, ice packs, Manuka honey, pineapple, sterile gauze, baby shampoo, eye drops. I also treated myself to some beautifully fragranced shower cream and a set of beautiful lounge wear to pick me up on those days that I need a little lift after surgery.
  • I have left my partner instructions for recovery smoothies by the Nutri-Bullet and have straws and teaspoons ready in case I have issues eating.
  • I have treated myself to a new look with my hair cut and colour so it’s a manageable length for washing and drying post op.  I have also invested in some good skin care, making sure my skin is cleansed correctly, hydrated and in optimum condition for the procedure and to aid the healing process.

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  • On the last day pre op, I’m eating lots of lovely food washed down with lots of water and wearing red lippie today as it’s the last time for a while.
  • One week before I have removed nail polish from my fingers and toes, which does not feel great but using this time to strengthen them with nail oil so when I’m feeling better they are in good condition.  Lashes also need to come off pre op. Do this in plenty of time so you do not have sore eye on the day; again I’m using the time to get my lashes strong again.
  • Three months before the op I wanted to be as mentally and physically prepared as I could be. I cajoled a friend into joining me at spin classes, which is completely out of my comfort zone but the challenge has spurred me on. I’ve also been talking to people outside of my close circle about this procedure which has made me think about my motives and given me more courage to do it.

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