“Being in the public eye definitely affected how I felt about my body”

Breast uplift results

Imogen Thomas has been in the public eye since appearing in Big Brother in 2006. After wanting a breast uplift since her early 20s, she chose Mr Alex Karidis to perform her surgery and explains how her life – and self-confidence – were transformed.

I had been thinking about having a breast uplift for years and I always knew that after my second baby I would go ahead. I wanted to wait till after I’d completed my family and lost the baby weight, otherwise I would have had it many years earlier.

Being in the public eye definitely affected how I felt about my body and social media puts pressure on everyone to look picture perfect all the time, but nobody is perfect. I would see paparazzi photos of myself and would think do I really look like that? A lot of the time it would just be a bad angle, but my breasts were definitely my insecurity. Mr Alex Karidis said that the tissue on my upper chest was very thin and, from the age of 18, my breasts had always seemed to droop.

It was such a positive experience that I would definitely have more surgery. It’s been five years since my operation and I’ve seen changes to my body as I’ve got older. I would like my breasts done again to suit my new shape. I do not want my breasts as big now, so I am planning to have my implants taken out and breasts lifted again.

I would definitely have my surgery again with Mr Karidis. I had the best care at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I woke up with my new breasts that I loved. I was only in the hospital for one night and then went home and it was actually a very peaceful time for me as my mum looked after the girls and I got to rest for two weeks.

I really liked and trusted my doctor and you’ve got to like and trust them implicitly as they are the ones that will be making big decisions on your behalf during your operation.

My advice to anyone that’s feeling unhappy about something, is that you should look into what’s possible. It was the best decision I ever made and has been fantastic for my confidence and self-esteem.

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