“I completely love my new nose; I wish I’d done it sooner if anything”

rhinoplasty results

From the age of 18, Meg was self-conscious about the bump in her nose and the shape of the tip. Once she decided to go ahead with nose surgery, she chose Mr Alex Karidis because she felt fully confident in his surgical abilities and trusted him to achieve the results she was hoping for.

Since I was about 12 or 13 and I got my adult nose, I always hated it and was self-conscious. I always wanted to change it and, when I got to 18, I spoke to my family about it and luckily they were really supportive.

Due to finances, I couldn’t go ahead at 18, but last year the opportunity arose for me to have it done. I already knew that I wanted to go with Mr Karidis as I had done all my research and had a consultation with him when I was 18.

This year I had two consultations. One was by Zoom and the second one I came into the clinic for a face-to-face consultation.

I had no fears about going with him because I knew he was one of the best surgeons and I had seen his before and afters and knew I wanted him to perform my surgery.

The week before my rhinoplasty procedure, I had a Coronavirus test and MRSA swabs before my surgery. On the day of my surgery, I went into hospital which is absolutely beautiful. I had my own room which was very swanky and I felt really spoilt.

I didn’t have any nerves, I just felt pure excitement.

I then went down to the theatre and had the anaesthetic. After my procedure, I woke up and was given some painkillers. I was surprised that the pain wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be. I was then taken back to my room and spent the night there.

About six in the morning, they removed the packing in my nostrils. When they took those out that was probably the most painful part of it all, but they were constantly offering me painkillers so it wasn’t really bad.

And then I had a lovely breakfast and went home with my mum who looked after me for a week.

There was minimal swelling and bruising after the procedure. My cheeks were a bit swollen for a week, but my eyes weren’t bruised at all – only a little bit of a yellow colour underneath.

After a week, I returned to have the cast taken off. I was so nervous the night before I had a little breakdown with my mum. I was panicking because I had wanted this done for so long but thought what if I don’t like it.

I saw Romy the nurse who had been super helpful throughout. She had been in contact with me 24/7 and had given me her personal number and said message me anytime you like.

She removed the splint for me which was held on by some tape and she said there you go take a look in the mirror

I was so nervous, I was shaking and then I just stood there in complete disbelief, saying oh my god that’s not my nose!

The bump was completely gone, and I was just so happy. I completely love my new nose; I wish I’d done it sooner if anything. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and has transformed my whole life.

Mr Alex Karidis explains why it’s important that your sense of aesthetics aligns with your surgeon’s

mr-karidis-small-2“If you have a different sense of aesthetics to the surgeon, it’s a recipe for disaster as you’re never going to be happy with the results. And it can be hard sometimes for patients to establish this in advance of their procedure. One way you can do this is by looking at their before and afters. That’s why I have these on my website – not that patients can pick a nose, but it gives you an idea of what that surgeon can do. If they are showcasing these images, that must give you a clear idea of what they believe is a good aesthetic result. If that doesn’t align with yours, then it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

“During surgery, you have to completely rely on the surgeon’s aesthetic appraisal of how it’s going. A rhinoplasty procedure is like sculpting. I don’t do it all in one fell swoop. I do it millimetre by millimetre, constantly taking a step back and assessing it and you stop when you think it looks right. There’s no pattern you can put on the nose. It’s got to be an eye thing.”

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