Best treatments and products of 2016

Everyone wants to know what the beauty pros recommend as the best anti-ageing treatments so we asked our very own Karidis clinic team to reveal their favourite treatment discoveries of 2016. If you’re yet to try one of these youth-enhancing procedures, why not book in for 2017? 

Lucy Martin, PR & Marketing Manager

“Cosmedix is a brand new line of products and treatments that I can say have changed my approach to skincare. My skin after a Benefit Peel looked and felt more even in tone and texture. I haven’t been so happy with my makeup-free complexion for a long time!”

Jade Burton, Patient Coordinator

“The Abdominoplasty procedure has WOWED me this year. Mr Alex Karidis’ amazing suturing skills ensure the patient has the neatest scar. I believe the overall procedure is a life changer for patients!”

Suzi Noble, Karidis Nurse

“This year I’ve been wowed by miraDry. Excess sweating or hyperhydrosis isn’t something that’s widely talked about so it’s amazing to be able to help people drastically reduce their under arm sweat in way we couldn’t do before. It really is a life changing treatment for some people and the results so far have been great.”

Rose Sheridan, Patient Coordinator

“Karolina and her lip filler. I already have full lips and she really enhanced them by given them a subtle treatment with great structure!”

Sharon Humes, Clinic Manager

“I’ve been super impressed with PDO threads. As a middle-aged lady I’ve been using fillers as an age preventative procedure for a few years but I’ve started to see reduced results especially around the jaw line. I can truly say I would recommend PDO Threads if you are not prepared or ready to go under the knife.”

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Yuting Ji, Chinese Liaisons Manager

“I had Obagi Blue Radiance Peel with Suzi in October and after the treatment I kept using the Obagi Hydrate and Clenziderm at home. I felt a little dry and peeled slightly around my nose and cheeks about five days after the treatment. Then my face was glowing and fresh. The result lasted for about two weeks. I think the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is very good for Chinese skin type and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

Deborah Vine, Operations Director

“I’m happy with the advances in non-surgical treatments for the lower face. Ulthera, as I can safely say this has improved my lower face structure and the technology, seems to be delivering better and better results. I am also very impressed with threads and the difference they make to a sagging jaw line and finally the new use of filler in order to lift and sculpture- I have really seen progress in technique and performance at the clinic.”