Female vs male blepharoplasty explained

Female vs male blepharoplasty

Demand for eyelid rejuvenation has surged according to the latest US plastic surgery figures, with blepharoplasty now entering the top five requested cometic surgery ops across the board and in at number three for men.

Men and women typically want eyelid surgery for the same reasons; they feel that sagging on the upper lids and bagging on the lower makes them look tired or cross when they still feel young and vital inside. Some might even be experiencing problems with their vision because of lax skin. But there are some differences between men and women which must be taken into account when planning eyelid surgery.

“Men are thick-skinned in more ways than one. The fundamental difference between the sexes and how they experience the ageing process is due to the thickness of their skin,” Mr Alex Karidis explains.

“It’s a generalisation because they are exceptions on both sides, but men are not subjected to quite the same ageing process as women where hormonal changes play a big role. Men still experience the same ageing problems – deflation, volume loss and skin sagging – but usually this happens a little later on.”

However, genetics can play a significant role in determining the appropriate age for eyelid surgery. Pia had been bothered by the appearance of her eyes from a relatively young age before deciding to undergo an upper and lower blepharoplasty.

“I’m young at heart, but I just felt that having loose skin around my eyes made me feel older than I am. It is definitely hereditary; my grandmother, my mum and my sister all have it, so it was inevitable that I would get it as well. My sister has also chosen to have a blepharoplasty.”

Our male eyelid lift patient Sam Kane also had a genetic predisposition to sagging upper eyelids.

“I started to notice how gravity was affecting my eyelids about eight or nine years ago. Seeing people in my family with the same issue made me realise it was not going to get any better.

“So, I’ve been considering it for a long time. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked tired. And sad all the time, which is kind of depressing.”

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon experienced in male blepharoplasty

Male blepharoplasty records a very high satisfaction rate because the eyes – and eye contact – are so important. Male blepharoplasty patients often want to still look dynamic in the workplace or they are entering the dating market again. The eyes are a fantastic way to refresh.”

Women typically desire a wider, more rounded look whereas a male blepharoplasty focuses on lifting and repositioning the drooping, heavier skin on the eyelids without changing the shape of the upper or lower eyelids by removing too much skin and fat.

“You have to be careful not to over recess the skin which can result in men looking too feminine post-procedure,” Mr Karidis explains.

Sam concurs: “The most important thing for me is not to look done. I want it to look very natural and I’ve seen Alex’s work before which is why I’m here. You can never tell – he hits the natural spot just beautifully.”

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