Hollywood skin in just 45 minutes!

Everyone always wants to know the secret to celebrity skin – what have they had done? Have they had a little nip and tuck? What products do they use? That’s why we want our clients to try HydraFacial because it really is the secret to Hollywood skin – in just 45 minutes! And now the festive season is hotting up, there’s no better time to put your best face forward…

What happens in a Hydrafacial?

There are few different types of HydraFacial but our favourite is HydraTite which features an element of radiofrequency to help tighten the skin as well as make it glow. Best results are seen with a course of six (taken weekly or fortnightly, depending on skin’s concerns) but the skin-glowing results will be seen immediately after each session.

This facial is split into several parts, each working its own magic:

– Lympatic drainage with a mechanical suction that lightly stimulates the lypmh nodes for increased circulation.

 Double cleanse involving cleansing wash followed by exfoliating wand which takes off excess dead skin cells (with a type of mechanical dermabrasion) while simultaeneously delivering a serum that softens dead skin layer making it easier for the wand to remove.

– Very mild glycolic and salacylic peel to very lightly exfoliate the surface of the skin – you will hardly feel a thing. This is also what gives skin its brighteness and glow – the A-list touch!

– Mechanical extraction to remove impurities and blocked pores; this is more effective than manual extraction and uses a salcylic and honey serum to improve the process.

– Medik8 mask – we will apply one specific for your skin needs and concern at the time whether, you have oily, breakout, or dehydrated skin.

– Accent radio frequency – a hand held device is massaged over areas of most concern for skin tightening and extra glow. We will do 5 minutes on each area and heat skin up enough to cause very minor trauma under the skin which helps to boost collagen cells for tighter skin, but not too much to cause any pain. It will just feel like a very warm massage.

– Serum application – hydrating serum with vitamins, peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid for a really hydrated glow.

We also have this two minute video created by HydraFacial which illustrates the facial further:

The results are truly worthy of a red carpet appearance which is why it’s our must-have facial for any special occasion, not just for Christmas!

To find out more about Hydrafacials at our London clinic, call us on 020 3811 5982 for a friendly chat.