How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation – also known as breast implants or a ‘boob job’ – increases the size of the breasts using implants. This is the ideal procedure to improve the shape, symmetry and volume of the breasts.

A breast augmentation is often performed alongside a breast uplift – or mastopexy – for optimum results.

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

You can expect to be mostly recovered within 4 months of surgery, with full recovery from a breast augmentation within 6 months of surgery.

What happens after a breast augmentation?

Recovering from a breast augmentation should be straightforward, providing you follow the aftercare advice you receive in the clinic.

Immediately after your surgery you will be taken into recovery, where you will recover from your anaesthetic. You will then be moved into a private room in the clinic. You will be able to go home on the same day as your augmentation or, if you prefer, you can stay in the clinic overnight.

You won’t be able to drive following surgery, so you will need someone to drive you home from the clinic. You’ll be prescribed with painkillers to take as you recover and once you go home.

You will not be able to wear an underwired bra, nor will you be able to take a full bath or shower whilst your stitches and dressings are in place.

Around a week after surgery you should no longer need to take painkillers, although some slight twinges are normal in the first few months after surgery.

You will need to return to the clinic around 10 days after your procedure to have your stitches removed, after which you will be able to have a full bath or shower. You will also be able to go swimming.

Once your stitches have been removed you will be able to return to work, as long as your job does not involve heavy lifting or strenuous activity.

Around three weeks after surgery you will be able to resume lower body exercise, such as walking and low impact cycling. You should be able to resume upper body exercise within 6 – 8 weeks after surgery, alongside running.

Will I have scars after a breast augmentation?

During a breast augmentation, an incision is made in the breast tissue, through which the breast implant is inserted. The location of the incision will depend on your own body and the desired outcome of your surgery, but will most often be in the armpit or under the breast.

Incisions will be neat and made using a technique that means they are virtually undetectable, although a scar will be present on each area where an incision is made.

The level of scarring after a breast augmentation will depend on your own body’s tendency towards scarring, although most scars will fade over time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the recovery time after a breast augmentation, please get in touch with us at the clinic where we will be able to advise you further.